Thumper Outback DC 80 AH Pack (Dual Battery) | & Projecta 120watt SPM120K with bypass Anderson's

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This unit really does have everything you could ever ask for in a dual battery system!

Available in two sizes (80 AH and 110 AH), the Thumper Outback DC now incorporates the use of a sophisticated DC charger for both vehicle and solar charge.

The Thumper Outback DC unit is fitted with the Projecta IDC25.
This particular DC charger is designed to allow for an optimal input charge to be harnessed from the use of both newer and older model vehicles as well as an unregulated 12volt solar panel. The Projecta IDC25 is hardwired into the Thumper unit using internal circuit breaker protection and heat sync protection, resulting in a portable battery system which is as simple as 'plug and play'!

But wait! .. There's more!
The Thumper Outback DC is fitted internally with a Bluetooth monitoring device.
This exciting new component of the Thumper allows for you to monitor your Thumper’s stage of charge via a FREE downloadable app via the use of a smart device (available from your iTunes or google Play store).

Key features of the new Thumper Outback DC unit:
  • Portable and affordable in comparison to a under bonnet dual battery system!
Most under bonnet dual battery systems with a DC charger would cost in excess of $2,000.00 and even then, you are restricted to your vehicle!
  • New look - New Design

  • Use of an sophisticated DC charger (hardwired to battery connection)  
  • DC allows for voltage boost and constant charge rate from variable alternator vehicles via the designated Anderson labelled 'Alternator Input'
  • DC allows for the use of unregulated solar panels via the designated Anderson labelled 'Unregulated solar Input' 
  • DC allows for charging your 12volt battery from a 24 Volt vehicle
  • Allows for easy movement between vehicle to vehicle (multiple dual battery systems in only one unit!)
  • Increased length of jumper leads - now provided at 1.8mt  

  • Upgrade to vehicle charge system, allowing for the option to install an Anderson to the rear of vehicle connected to the Thumper line
  • Additional outlet sockets, including designated Anderson connectors for 'Unregulated solar input' and 'Alternator input'
  • Bluetooth monitoring device installed in battery pack to monitor voltage condition and charge parameters from vehicle

  • Australian designed
  • Australian built
  • Australian owned

Thumper meets the Projecta IDC25 DC Battery Charger

The new range of Thumper Outback DC units unit are fitted with the latest technology in DC charging; The Projecta IDC25. This particular DC charger is designed to allow for an optimal input charge to be harnessed from the use of both newer and older model vehicles as well as unregulated 12 volt solar panels. The Projecta IDC25 has been hardwired to the Thumper with internal circuit breaker protection and heat sync protection.

The IDC25 used on the Thumper Outback DC is designed to alter the initial voltage of your vehicle’s alternator output (input voltage 9-32Volts) in order to produce the voltage selected via the mode setting on the IDC25 (for example: selecting the mode to GEL setting will allow for the charging voltage of approx. 14.2 Volts when charging and a float voltage
of 13.8 Volts).

As the input charge to the DC allows for voltages between 9-32Volts, the Thumper Outback DC is now compatible to charge from 24 volt vehicles! The DC charger will operate like a step down converter, dropping an input voltage of 32 volts down to your selected chemistry (eg. Gel = 14.2 Volts).

The IDC25 unit offers a MPPT Solar Regulator rated to 25 Amps. The regulator has been hardwired into your Thumper Outback DC unit via an independent 50 Amp Anderson connector labelled ‘Unregulated solar input’. This outlet has been designed solely for the use of an unregulated solar panel (approx. input capacity 400-450 watts).

Bluetooth battery monitor
The Thumper Outback DC is fitted internally with a Bluetooth monitoring device. This exciting new component of the Thumper unit allows the user to monitor the Thumper’s stage of charge via a FREE downloadable app (available from the iTunes or google play store).
The Bluetooth battery monitoring app has been designed around the parameters of a fridge operating voltages.
The Bluetooth monitoring app provides a number of different parameters that the user may choose to monitor, from vehicle input charge, voltage history graph (the information will remain stored in the Bluetooth app for a period of 35 days), cranking tests and more.
The Thumper Outback DC unit comprises of the following sockets:
3 x Cigarette sockets
1 x Merit type socket
1 x Dual USB socket
1 x 50Amp Anderson for Solar input
1 x 50Amp Anderson for Alternator input
1 x Engel Fridge socket
1 x Digital Volt meter
1 x 175 Amp Anderson
2 x 50Amp Inlet / Outlet Anderson
     connector (wired bi-directional)
Part No.


(L x W x H)


DC Charge size



80 AH

330 x 265 x 218mm


IDC25 (25 Amp)

2 years

R.R.P $ 1,199.00



BYPASS Regulator connection

In this package, Home of 12 Volt will fit BYPASS Anderson's to remove the regulator built within the Projecta panel. This will allow you to disconnect and re-connect the regulator within the Projecta panel and will allow you to use the regulator built within the Outback DC Thumper unit.

Why would you disconnect the regulator in the Projecta panel?

All panels require the use of a regulator. The regulator will control the input charge to the battery. The regulator ensures there is no overcharging. Without the use of a regulator, a user runs the risk of overcharging a battery.

The Projecta Panel comes included with an in built regulator. The Outback battery pack has it's own internal regulator connected to the Anderson connector labelled 'Unregulated solar input'.

You must only use one regulator at a time as if you use both regulators (the one within the Projecta panel and the one within the Outback unit), then they will confuse one another and neither will produce any output at all.

You therefore must decide if you would like to use the regulator within the Outback / or the regulator within the Projecta Panel.

Home of 12 Volt fit Anderson connectors on your Projecta Panel to allow you to remove the regulator in line (Bypass) and therefore you can connect to the Thumper Outback regulator via the connection "Unregulated solar input".

If you choose to use the Projecta regulator, then you must connect via any of the other outlets within the Thumper, such as the Anderson connectors labelled "INPUT / OUTPUT".


Travel Friendly Solar Panel Kits

Projecta’s Monocrystalline Solar Panel Kits feature a frameless design that folds up into a compact 36cm x 50cm bag.

Weighing only 5–7kg, the panels are housed in durable canvas making them travel-safe and easy to pack into yourboot or trailer.

A hard fibre glass backing allows the panels to be angled towards the sun for optimum performance. Includes support legs, in-built 8.5 Amp solar controller and 5m lead with battery clips.
























17.5V (4.56A)

18.0V (6.86A)

17.5V (10.3A)


1000W/m2, 25°C

1000W/m2, 25°C

1000W/m2, 25°C






Ideal for powering a compressor fridge

Suitable for powering multiple appliances e.g. compressor fridge, camping lights, radio & TVs

Ideal for powering large appliances such as fridge/freezer, camping lights, radios & TVs



High performance monocrystalline cells

The most efficient technology available to harness more of the sun’s power. The panels feature a scratch resistant matt coating for enhanced durability.




















7-35 hrs

7-35 hrs

7-35 hrs

PANEL KIT SIZES (Height x width x depth)


500 X 360 X 60

500 X 360 X 70

560 X 380 X 90


500 X 1440 X 45

500 X 2190 X 45

560 X 2580 X 45



Frameless foldable design

Folds up into a durable self contained 36cm x 50cm bag for easy storage. The tough canvas bag features velcro straps suitable for camping and off-road environments and reinforced eyelets for securing with tent pags.



Metal support legs

Legs keep the panel at the optimum angle for maximum performance.



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Thumper DC 80 pack does what it says on the box

Couldn’t be happier, solar kept up with our 50l Waeco plus camp lighting and family device charging easily over Easter. Wiring kit and accessories are all excellent. Highly recommend.