6mm Twin Core with Anderson and 50 Amp Circuit breaker

Size: 3mt 6mm with And + 50Amp C/Breaker
Sale price$29


This cable is designed to allow you to fit your own Anderson connector from your battery.

  1. Simply mount the Anderson connector (for example on the rear of the vehicle / or on the front of the Caravan A-frame).
  2. Feed the cable length back to the battery location
  3. Connect your negative (black wire) directly to the negative of the battery
  4. Fit the Circuit breaker (provided) in line of the positive (red cable), as close the battery location as possible.

The circuit breaker will act to protect the line (similar to a fuse). If there is a fault on the line, the circuit breaker will 'trip' until the fault has been remedied. It will 'automatically reset' itself once the fault is no longer present.

Available in 2 lengths:

  • 3mt length
  • 6mt length



  • Cable = 6mm automotive cable - rated to approx. 50 Amps over 5-6mt
  • Anderson = 50 Amp Genuine Anderson connector (Uni-sex)
  • Circuit breaker = 50 Amp automatic reset circuit breaker

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