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The 12 volt portable stove is one of the most popular products for people on the move. Perfect for the vehicle, motorhome or truck drivers! 

Perfect for cooking and/or storing food hot on those long trips. It gets up to 149°C and its insulated design keeps food hot, while the outside stays cool. It plugs into a 12V cigarette lighter socket in the car.

•    Heats food in just 3 minutes
•    Easy to setup and use
•    Cable length: 1.9m

At switch-on from cold the current is 12-15Amps, once temperature has stabilised Current is 8-10Amps.

• Large 3 Litre Capacity
• 1.9 Metre Lead with Cigarette Plug
• 12VDC Operation

 Many people use this portable stove to reheat food (stored in aluminum trays) or maybe even to crisp up that beloved pie! 

The item truly works and is one of our most popular store bought items! 

Internal or Sub-part Dimensions
Length 230mm
Width 130mm
Height 80mm
Product Dimensions
Volume Internal 3l
Cable length 1.9m
Length 270mm
Width 170mm
Height 200mm
DC Voltage Rating
DC Voltage 12V only



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