Amp Master 2-Way 18dB Indoor Antenna Signal Amplifier | AMP-18

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Amp Master 2-Way 18dB Indoor Antenna Signal Amplifier Booster
Improve your TV and radio signals with this antenna amplifier. The booster simply plugs into a standard mains AC 240v wall outlet and provides a boost of up to18dB of signal strength for the connected antenna signal. The amount of gain can be adjusted using the small control knob on the device. This device also features an additional output allowing you to connect a 2nd TV to the amplifier.

- Frequency range VHF: 47-300 Mhz
- Frequency range UHF: 470-862 MHz
- Gain per Split (VHF) UHF: 18dB
- Gain control: 0 - 18dB Max
- Noise Figure: 4dB
- Isolation Loss: 20dB
- Impedance: 75 ohm
- Gold plated connectors
- Power Supply: AC 240V

Model Number AMP-18

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