Assortment pack (Medium) - Copper terminal lugs

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Copper Crimp lug stud

Made from high-conductivity annealed copper, the crimp lugs offer the best electrical properties possible.

Designed to suit various cable sizes


5   x CL-35mm x 10mm   (For example: 35mm cable / 10mm eyelet hole)

5   x CL-35mm x 8mm

4   x CL-25mm x 8mm

4   x CL-25mm x 6mm

10  x CL-16mm x 10mm

10  x CL-16mm x  8mm

16  x CL-10mm x  8mm

16  x CL-10mm x  6mm

12  x CL-6mm x  8mm

12  x CL-6mm x  6mm

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