Battery M8 High crank conversion terminal posts M8Posts

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Package: 1 x Set M8Posts
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The high crank conversion posts will convert the regular 8mm bolt thread (usually suiting the use of ring terminals) into a set of high cranking posts.

The posts are a perfect option for those looking to:

- Start from the battery

- Use heavy battery terminals (for the use of larger inverters or multiple distribution points)


The M8 post will simply screw in place of the normally used bolt. The post then comes equipped with an additional thread pattern to allow for the originally bolt to be used in the top of the post if desired.

It is recommended to not tighten the posts too tightly when fitting. Simply hand tighten the post and then use a paid of pliers to just tighten the grip slightly.

Sold as a 'set' of two piece as seen in the image

R.R.P $ 29.95 per set


This terminal will fit:

- Thumper RB12-120 (Std AGM)

- Thumper RB12-100 (Std AGM)

- Thumper EXT120 (Extreme AGM)

- Thumper EXT100 (Extreme AGM)

- Full river batteries that use a 8mm thread - please check listings per battery

- Any Deep cycle battery with an 8mm thread

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