Brass Monkey Portable 30L Cooler / Warmer Thermoelectric (GH1369)

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Here's a great way to keep your food and drink cool or warm in the car at the worksite or during the long road trip. It is extremely low noise and uses full foam insulation to keep it lightweight and portable. 12VDC powered, so it's simply a matter of connecting to your cars cigarette lighter socket and switch on either cooling or warming mode. Will fit a bottle of white wine or 2L bottle of milk lying down and standing up.

Dual function device to keep your food and drink cool or warm.
• Low Noise
• 12VDC Power
• 30 Litre Capacity

• Capacity: 30 litres
• CFC Free
• Thermoelectric system cools or warms below or above the ambient temperature
• Cooling performance: 18 - 20°C below ambient temperature
• Min Temperature: Approx 5°C
• Max Temperature: Approx 65°C

** Please note: This is not a compressor fridge. Thermoelectric fridges will have a continuous draw on the battery system (will not turn off). This particular model will draw 3.5 Amps per hour from the battery (3.5Amps x 24hrs = 84 Amps per day)

These fridges are primarily designed to run whilst you are traveling in the vehicle


Portable Refrigeration Equipment or Cooler/Warmer
Insulation material Polyurethane
Refrigerant / Thermal Device Peltier device
Temperature setting range 5°C-55°C
Functions Cooling,Warming
Device type Cooler/warmer (Thermoelectric)
External Material Plastic
Fridge internal capacity 30l
Current Draw 3.5A-3.5A continuous
Vehicle Connection Cigarette Lighter
Required Voltage 12V-12V
Lead Length 2.3m
Lead Included YES
Power Rating
Continuous Power 42W (3.5 Amps continous
Product Dimensions
Width 328mm
Height 437mm
Volume Internal 30l
Length 472mm
Weight 6.4g
Additional Fridge Specs
Can Count 35
Single Zone Internal Dimensions 380 (L) x 238 (W) x 330 (H) mm
Warranty 12 months


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