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Blue Apple Thumper has added to its range an In line SOLAR Amp and Volt meter
- rated to 10 Amps  (180w).
Note: This is not a regulator

The device is fitted with 2 x 50Amp Anderson connectors, each clearly labelled for 'Input from the solar panel' and 'Output to the battery'. Simply connect the solar panel to the Anderson labelled "Connect to solar" and connect the remaining Anderson labelled "Connect to Battery" to the battery feed.

The CB-AV is fitted with a Dual gauge reading both Amps + Volts, making it even easier to keep a close eye on what amperage your panels are producing at that given moment in time, along with monitoring the current voltage of your battery's condition.

The Amp meter component of this gauge (bottom line of the gauge) is rated to 10Amps and is completely over-load protected.

This meter provides an accurate voltage reading measured to one decimal place; designed to be left on continuously if so desired, the meter has an extremely low power draw of just 9mA from the battery per hour, which is an approx draw of less than .5 amp for a full week's use!

12.7 Volts = 100 % Battery capacity remaining 
12.5 Volts =   80 % Battery capacity remaining
12.2 Volts =   50 % Battery capacity remaining
11.3 Volts =   30 % Battery capacity remaining
10.5 Volts = FLAT - Battery requires immediate recharge


Part No:

Max rating

Anderson size

Power Draw p/hr





10 Amps (up to 180 watts)

50 Amp (Genuine Anderson)


1550mm (H) x 99mm (W) x 54mm (D)

178 grams

ABS Plastic

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