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Note: This is an in line solar regulator designed to suit 12 Volt solar panels.

The box is fitted internally with a GSL Solar regulator rated to 12 Amp continuous.
Fitted with 2 x 50Amp Anderson connectors, each clearly labelled for 'Input from the solar panel' and 'Output to the battery'. Simply connect an unregulated solar panel to the Anderson labelled "Connect to solar" and connect the remaining Anderson labelled "Connect to Battery" to the battery feed.

The box will act to regulate both the input voltage and amperage of the solar panel to ensure the solar panel does not overcharge the battery.
Designed for charging 12V Batteries from 12V Panels (maximum Voc=25V)
This box is designed to regulate panels up to 250W in peak power.
Weatherproof/Waterproof via Polymer Encapsulation. Giving the unit a greater freedom in mounting locations.

*Comes with a 1mt. Black 50Amp Anderson extension lead rated to 50Amps.

Part No:
Max rating
Anderson size
Power Draw p/hr

Input voltage
Suits Battery Voltage
Typical Efficiency
12 Amps
50 Amp (Genuine Anderson)
1550mm (H) x 99mm (W) x 54mm (D)
178 grams
ABS Plastic
15 - 25 V
12 Volt

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