FYRLYT 9000 Lumen Driving Lights 12v High Intensity

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NEMESIS 9000 - For the informed...

A driving light delivering performance like no other on the planet. A voluminous WALL of quality light, no gimmicks and no compromise. Like LUXSIS, NEMESIS features the same crystal clear tempered borosilicate glass lens for ease of cleaning without scratching and is easily replaceable. Others use plastic which will always degrade in time, is difficult to clean without scratching and in many cases cannot even be replaced FORCING you to buy another light. How convenient for the brand or reseller! Not so much for you.

The 250W 9000 lumen 3300K bulb (42% more than most LED or HID), unique reflector and optics delivers a superior relevant volume and distance combination exceeding LED or 70/90/100W HID. Nemesis blows these away with NO delayed start up times (HID) or excessive glare or light back scattering (TYNDALL EFFECT) common with 5000K or greater LEDs & HIDs.


Make no mistake TYNDALL EFFECT is a big issue and is the overwhelming feedback we get from customers who have used LEDs, HIDs sold to them on the premise of BLINDING WHITE LIGHT. Consider their negative experience a warning before purchasing any light.

To see how NEMESIS delivers its legendary performance watch the video from Jamie Benaud below as he installs them on his Toyota 200 series Land Cruiser.

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