FYRLYT MOFO 12,000 Lumen Driving Lights 12v High Intensity

Package: MOFO 12000 - 1 x Single Light
Sale price$495



IMPORTANT: MOFO Is not intended for truck usage and we still recommend NEMESIS 9000 for increased bulb longevity in high hour operational usage. 

For those that demand the highest performance available. MOFO is not just a BRIGHT light. It still retains 100 CRI unlike any LED available in driving lights. The light volume delivered by the bulb and optics is quite simply extraordinary. Beyond LED, HID or HYBRID type lights. Don't be misled by media marketing claims and "SILLY" extrapolated numbers re 1 LUX etc. 

What matters is what you see in all conditions and is relevant to night driving. MOFO has no rival.

FYRLYT will contest in any fact based discussion. Thanks to the 250W 12000 lumen bulb, unique reflector and optics, MOFO delivers a superior volume and distance combination exceeding any 50" lightbar or 70/90/100W HID.  and often huge savings in your wallet.


Driving at night. Consider this.

What we see is defined by human physiology. For the specific task of driving at night there is a 'sweet spot' of ideal volume, distance and relevant detail for our brain to process in milliseconds to determine driver response. As we all inevitably age this becomes increasingly problematic.


Beware the 'WHITER & 5000K' HYPE.

If a light is of poor quality in any aspect, it is compromising your safety. This may include lights that appear SUPER BRIGHT and hyped to shine at huge distances. If they compromise your vision driving within the relevant distance and field of view then it is counter productive. What needs to be considered is the reality of adaptive night vision. Customised vehicles, particularly a 'BRANDS' feature vehicle festooned with multiple lights including the roof line are more for 'LOOK AT ME' than any real benefit in normal use. Note we are not including work or utility lights in this discussion. Roof line lights can be problematic in creating glare either off the bonnet or in particulate laden air immediately in front of the driver's eyeline. Be specific and use critical thinking in what you are seeking to achieve.


After warranty what happens?

In most cases LEDs are not designed to be repairable. LED's inevitably over time decay in output and may even completely fail even in lights costing $1500+. FYRLYT is different. We put you the customer first.


FYRLYT. Engineered for a lifetime.

Every component is available and in most cases can be easily maintained by yourself thanks to FYRLYT's smart considered design. In ten years time your lights are still able to perform as new for minimal cost. We do not price gouge on component costs. No other brand offers this benefit. For fleet commercial operators this is a huge cost saving apart from providing their drivers maximum night time driving safety. The cost and feature benefit analysis is simple. FYRLYT delivers greater safety and healthier bottom line.


Jamie Benaud from Australian Images shares his DIY experience of installing FYRLYT LUXSIS and NEMESIS (same as the new MOFO). This is a great way to work out whether you wish to DIY or use an installer. We even provide DIY wiring diagrams below if you want to fly solo. It is VITAL the specifications be followed exactly. An existing light harness will not work and your lights will either be dull or malfunction. In over 10 years 99.99% of any issues always come back to incorrect wiring. (Even when done by installers who do not read the instructions!






 Installation Video: (Nemesis 9000 / MOFO 12000)

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