Portable 210 watt TRI Fold Solar Panel - complete package (Suits DC charger use)

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The Blue Apple Mono crystalline portable 210 watt TRI fold solar panel is made with the highest quality A - grade silicon cells and come with a full 25 year performance warranty and 10 year structural warranty.

Mono crystalline panels make for fantastic portable panels due to the all rounded efficiency with all levels of light, working extremely well in areas of high light and even maintaining a fantastic output in low light or overcast conditions.

The 210 watt Split fold has the ability to harness up to 12+ Amps per hour (with an average output of 10+ Amps)

This neat design consists of 3 x 70 watt panels hinged together, so when folded the glass panels will fold in facing one another, adding extra protection to the panel. Once folded, the panel can slide straight into the provided carry bag, allowing for easy transport.   

Portable panels can allow the user to harness up to a massive 12 hours of sunlight a day (depending on your location and the time of the year).

This means that the 210 watt TRI fold panel CAN produce up to a massive 120+ Amps per day!

In most cases the 210 watt Split fold panel would allow the user to continuously keep up with the draw of an 110Lt compressor type fridge plus more (when combined with approx a 70 Ah+ battery).

The input power of a portable panel is largely dependent on the user of the panel.

Keep in mind that if like your late mornings and you do not put your panel in the sun until the afternoon, you may need to consider a larger panel to compensate for the time you would miss in the mornings.

Every Blue Apple panel is fitted with diode protection, eliminating the chance for the solar cells to rob power from one another when in the shade. The diode protection will also eliminate any chance of power being robbed from the batteries at night.

Each panel is equipped with its own set of heavy duty anodized aluminium legs which can be adjusted to allow the panel to sit at any angle allowing for optimum performance to be achieved. At the bottom of each aluminium leg there are rubber feet fitted which will prevent the panel from slipping on smooth surfaces.

The 210 watt TRI fold panel is fitted with BYPASS Andersons.
This means that the Grey 50 Amp Anderson is REGULATED and wired to the 12 Amp GSL regulator that is fitted to the panel. This connection will control the input charge from the solar panel and will ensure no overcharging occurs.

What if you have another regulator you would like to use?
No Problem!
This panel is fitted with a unique UNREGULATED Anderson (Black). This option allows a DIRECT feed to the panel and will allow you to use an external regulator (such as a DC - DC charger!)
Panel Type                     BA - 210TRI

Maximum Power (Pmax)         210W

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp)          19.5V

Current at Pmax (Imp)           12.60A

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)     21.50V

Short Circuit Current (Isc)      13.20A

Normal Operating Cell
Temp(NOCT)                           48±2⁰C

Max System Voltage               1000V
Package includes:

  • 210 watt SPLIT Fold Mono crystalline panel
  • GSL 12 Amp solar waterproof regulator
  • 2 x 5 meters 6mm Twin core cable with Anderson
  • Anderson to Alligator clips
  • Heavy Duty Canvas Carry Bag
  • Amp meter and Extension lead kit - see photo
  • Regulated Anderson (Grey)
  • Unregulated Anderson (Black)


Weight – 17.2 kg


Length – 1106mm

Height – 1044mm

Width – 35mm


Length -

Height -

Width -

10 Year Structural Warranty
25 Year Performance Warranty



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