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This 12V 150Ah LiFePO4 replacement battery is compatible in size with traditional 150Ah SLA batteries, but with all the benefits of cutting edge lithium technology. LiFePO4 batteries offer longer service life than traditional lead acid batteries, plus weigh less than HALF as much as SLA batteries. LiFePO4 also provide more usable life per cycle, allowing for longer run times by holding a higher voltage until capacity is almost exhausted. These batteries will also maintain 80-90% charge when in storage - far higher than their lead acid counterparts. The latest generation in maintenance free batteries is here!

Each battery is fitted with an internal battery management system to provide safe charging and discharging at all times. This system provides internal short circuit, over temperature and under/over voltage cut off. Can be wired in series and/or parallel. Regardless of your wiring configuration it is technically best to individually charge each battery to 100% capacity using the same charger before connecting them. This ensures all batteries are at the same terminal voltage and will charge/discharge evenly.

Factory supplied at 30% charge for safety compliance. Must be charged fully before use.

Excessive temperatures over 65ºC can effect the ABS housing. Need to be well ventilated in warm conditions. Not for use in engine bays.


  • Internal battery management system for safe charging and discharging.
  • Drop in replacement for standard lead acid 150Ah batteries
  • Half the weight of traditional lead acid batteries.   
  • Less discharge when in storage compared with traditional lead acid batteries.
  • Longer service life compared to lead acid.
  • Longer run time compared to lead acid.

Electrical Specifications:

Part No.  SL4581A
Amp hour Capacity 150 AH
Reserve Capacity @ 30A
300 min
Energy Density 1920 Wh
Resistance - Milliohms < 40
Efficiency - round trip > 99.5%
Self Discharge per Month < 3%
Max 4 - series connection 12 - 48 V
Parallel connection Non- Limited


Discharge Specifications:

Max Cont Discharge current
100 A
Peak Discharge Current 3C
300 A
BMS Current Cut off >100.5A  10S
BMS Current Cut off >120A  3S
BMS Current Cut off
>150A 1S
BMS Voltage Cut off 10V
BMS Reconnect Voltage 12V

Temperature Specifications:

Discharge Temperature
(-20 to 60C)
Charge Temperature
(-20 TO 45C)
Storage Temperature
(-5 to 35C)
BMS High Temp Cut Off
BMS Reconnect Temp


Mechanical Specifications:

521 x 237 x 217mm
20 kg
Terminal Type
Terminal Torque
Case Material
Case IP Rating IP56
Cell Type - Chemistry LiFePO4
Cell Type Prismatic


 Charge Specifications:

Recommended Charge current
Max Charge current
Charge current (0 to -10C)
Charge current (-20 to -10C)
Recommended Charge Current voltage
14.2 - 14.6V
BMS Charge voltage cut off
BMS Reconnect voltage
Balancing voltage


 Safety and Performance Specifications:



UL1642 @cell
Shipping Classification
UN3480, CLASS 9


HUGE 5 YEAR Manufacturer warranty!







AS/NZS 3001.2  | New regulation requirements:

The new regulations for lithium batteries require a few considerations when installing in caravans as of 15.11.2023. It is therefore recommended to take the following recommendation into consideration when installing:


Lithium batteries shall:

  • Be installed externally, ie. Behind a wall, compartment or barrier that prevents the egress of gases into the habitable area; and
  • Not enter the habitable area of the structure


In order to meet these requirements, it is recommended that lithium batteries be installed as follows:

  • Open to the environment, taking into account a suitable IP rating and mechanical protection.


  • Located in a battery compartment that is sealed to the enclosed habitable space of the recreational vehicle.


A battery compartment that opens to the exterior should

  • Open outward (to the exterior of the connectable electrical installation) and
  • Be accessed from the exterior of the recreational vehicle


If access to the battery compartment is obtained from within the habitable space of the recreational vehicle the compartment must have the following:

  • Fitted with openings that maintain a full seal from the enclosed habitable space of the recreational vehicle when in the closed/stored position
  • Access to the compartment must only be possible by removing screws or using a prescribed tool.
  • An adequate seal from the enclosed habitable space of the recreational vehicle must be restored and maintained after removal and replacement of the compartment opening.


Sealing of a battery compartment from the habitable space of the recreational vehicle must ensure the following:

  • The construction of the compartment must prevent the ingress of any fumes or gases from entering the enclosed space of the habitable area.
  • Any cable penetrations into the battery compartment must be sealed with suitable cable glands bulkhead posts or another form of non-combustible sealing.


  • An annex is considered a habitable space of a recreational vehicle. Battery compartment openings should be located outside the expected enclosed space of an annex.


Note the definition of a recreational vehicle by Cambridge university is:

a large motor vehicle in which you can sleep and often cook, used for traveling and camping

This would include Caravan’s, motorhomes, camping trailers.

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