Projecta Lithium 100 AH Battery IN BUILT Bluetooth | 150 Amp Discharge | LB100-BT

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Projecta Lithium 100 AH with in built Bluetooth!


Housed within a traditional N70 size casing, the LB100-BT is the ideal battery for 4WDs and caravans with high power demands.

The features on this battery is seriously impressive! Just check them out!


  • 150 Amp discharge current, capable of powering 2000W inverters
  • Monitor the battery status via smart phone or tablet using Bluetooth. Monitor percentage remaining / Battery Voltage / Battery Health / Charging or discharging loads / individual cell balancing / Battery temperature and Cycle life!
  • Like the LB100 it shares all the reliability, safety, battery chemistry (LiFePO4) weight advantages and has been tested with INTELLI-RV and all PROJECTA lithium compatible products.
  • Features a POWER level indicator. So at a glance you can see the State of Charge of the battery (SOC%)
  • Reverse polarity protected! No more worrying about short circuits or mistakes with in built protection on short circuiting!
  • Alarms for everything from Over-voltage charging / under-voltage charging, reverse polarity, temperature and more!


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AS/NZS 3001.2  | New regulation requirements:

The new regulations for lithium batteries require a few considerations when installing in caravans as of 15.11.2023. It is therefore recommended to take the following recommendation into consideration when installing:


Lithium batteries shall:

  • Be installed externally, ie. Behind a wall, compartment or barrier that prevents the egress of gases into the habitable area; and
  • Not enter the habitable area of the structure


In order to meet these requirements, it is recommended that lithium batteries be installed as follows:

  • Open to the environment, taking into account a suitable IP rating and mechanical protection.


  • Located in a battery compartment that is sealed to the enclosed habitable space of the recreational vehicle.


A battery compartment that opens to the exterior should

  • Open outward (to the exterior of the connectable electrical installation) and
  • Be accessed from the exterior of the recreational vehicle


If access to the battery compartment is obtained from within the habitable space of the recreational vehicle the compartment must have the following:

  • Fitted with openings that maintain a full seal from the enclosed habitable space of the recreational vehicle when in the closed/stored position
  • Access to the compartment must only be possible by removing screws or using a prescribed tool.
  • An adequate seal from the enclosed habitable space of the recreational vehicle must be restored and maintained after removal and replacement of the compartment opening.


Sealing of a battery compartment from the habitable space of the recreational vehicle must ensure the following:

  • The construction of the compartment must prevent the ingress of any fumes or gases from entering the enclosed space of the habitable area.
  • Any cable penetrations into the battery compartment must be sealed with suitable cable glands bulkhead posts or another form of non-combustible sealing.


  • An annex is considered a habitable space of a recreational vehicle. Battery compartment openings should be located outside the expected enclosed space of an annex.


Note the definition of a recreational vehicle by Cambridge university is:

a large motor vehicle in which you can sleep and often cook, used for traveling and camping

This would include Caravan’s, motorhomes, camping trailers.

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