Projecta LITHIUM QUICK CONNECT IDC25(L)QC DC-DC In Vehicle Battery and Solar charger 25Amps

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IDC25L - 'Lithium Quick connect'
9-32V 25A 3 Stage DC/Solar Battery Charger
The Projecta 'Quick connect' IDC25L is the perfect option for the use of a DC charger for the person who has multiple vehicle's / set up's and uses LITHIUM BATTERIES.

The IDC25L modifies the input charge from the vehicle from 9-32 volts in order to produce a constant output charge suitable for your lithium battery.

The IDC25L Quick connect is fitted with three easy to use 50 Amp Anderson connectors. Only 100% genuine Anderson connectors are used to ensure the highest quality product is offered.

The BLACK 50 Amp Anderson connector is labelled 'solar input' and is designed to allow for the input connection of an unregulated solar panel - rated to approx 400-450watts.

One of the GREY 50 Amp Anderson connectors are labelled 'ALT INPUT'. This particular Anderson (red cable) is designed for the input charge from the vehicle's connection.

The remaining GREY 50 Amp Anderson connector (grey wire) is labelled 'Output'. This connection will feed into the secondary (AUX) battery that you are charging.

The system is designed as a complete 'plug and play', making it super easy for anyone to install a dual battery system to their vehicle!

Available to purchase with and without a wiring loom for the vehicle
Optional - wiring loom for vehicle:

Vehicle input:
1 x 5.5mt length of 6mm twin core cable
1 x 50 Amp in line circuit breaker
1 x Grey 50 Amp Anderson connector

Solar input:
1 x 5mt length of 5mm twin core
2 x BLACK 50 Amp Anderson connector (loose)

1 x 1mt Anderson to Anderson lead (6mm twin core)
1 x 1mt Anderson to ring terminals (6mm cable and lugs on end)
1 x In line fuse with yellow crimp joiners - fuse rated to 40 Amps

Total cable package worth R.R.P $ 167.45

* Optional wiring loom *

An advanced DC/solar battery charger engineered for today's sophisticated lithium iron phosphate batteries.


Lithium charging technology
Engineered for use with today's advanced lithium battery technology

Engine bay installation
Sealed to IP67, the IDC is dust, splash and shock proof and can safely operate in extreme temperatures up to 80°C

Dual charging modes
Engineered to work with both smart and conventional alternators

Dual input operation
Simultaneous dual battery charging from both solar and alternator inputs

Total safeguard protection
Over temperature, reverse connection, over/under and spark free protection

Engine Bay Installation

Sealed to IP67, the IDC is dust, splash and shock proof and can safely operate in extreme temperatures up to 80°C

4WD installation

A sophisticated dual battery charger engineered for in-vehicle or under bonnet installation on vehicles fitted with traditional or smart alternators.

Caravan installation

Combines your solar and vehicle’s power to deliver a comprehensive multi-stage charge ensuring longer battery life and performance.

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