REDMAX Portable Power Hub | 2 Sizes RM1000PH & RM1500PH

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The REDMAX Portable Power Hub is a rechargeable battery powered generator. It contains a rechargeable lithium battery and Battery Management System (BMS) to safely store energy which can then be supplied as either 220VAC for mains powered devices, or as DC voltage for USB & 12V devices.

For charging, it requires a 12V to 30V DC input, which can be supplied using the included AC power supply, a suitable solar panel (200W max.), a vehicle accessory socket or another DC power source.

The REDMAX Portable Power Hub can be used to deliver safe and reliable power for your devices when travelling or camping as well as in emergency situations when reliable power may not be available. The clear display on the front panel shows the battery level and power consumption in real time which enables you to manage and charge the battery when required.

Available in two sizes


 RM1000PH RM1500PH

Battery Capacity (Ah)

40.5Ah (25.6V) 58.5Ah (25.6V)

Battery Capacity (Wh)

1,037Wh 1,498Wh

Battery Type

LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate)

AC Output

22VAC, 50Hz, Pure Sine Wave 22VAC, 50Hz, Pure Sine Wave

AC Power Continuous

1000W 1500W

AC Power Peak

2000W 3000W
DC Output - USB Type A 18 W Max 18 W Max
DC Output - USB Type C 100 W Max 100 W Max
DC Output - 12V 5521 12V, 5A (60W) 12V, 5A (60W)
DC Output - 12 V Cigarette 12V, 10A (120W) 12V, 10A (120W)
Charging Input 12V to 30V DC 12V to 30V DC
Max. Charging Input Power 2000W 2000W
Suitable Charging Input Type 240VAC adapter, solar panel, 12V/24V Vehicle 240VAC adapter, solar panel, 12V/24V Vehicle
Operating Temperature 0*C to 40*C 0*C to 40*C
Overall Size 385 x 190 x 245mm 480 x 190 x 245mm
Weight 14.8Kg 19.8kg

Package Contents
1 x REDMAX Portable Power Hub

1 x 240VAC mains battery charger (7909 plug)

1 x 7909 solar input cable

1 x 7090 to 5521 adapter plug

1 x EC5 output cable

1 x User Manual


Will my AC device work with the Power Hub?
First, you need to determine the power consumption of your electronic device. This is normally written on the device and is also specified in the user manual.

You will then need to check the output port you intend to use to ensure that the maximum
power output of the port is greater than the device requirement. If your device uses more power
than the port is able to provide, the power supply will shut off automaticall


Download Manual HERE

Download Brochure HERE


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