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The latest addition to the Road Chef stables, the Road Chef 2.0 – Digital 12 Volt Oven® takes cooking on the road to a new innovative level. The 2.0 is the smarter way to cook, combining the traditional look and feel of the Road Chef but taking it to a new level. The new digital interface allows the user to adjust both the cook time and temperature simply through soft push buttons allowing a higher level of accuracy for both functions. As the cook timer counts down it is displayed allowing the cook to easily adjust it and know how long before their delicious meal is ready!

The 12 Volt systems that people are using in the 4WDs, trucks, campers and trucks are developing at a rapid rate with 12 Volt management systems allowing the users to monitor battery levels, power use and turn different appliances on and off through touch screens and apps. The Road Chef 2.0 – Digital 12 Volt Oven® is meeting the needs of this technology through allowing it to be turned on and off through external management systems.

The Digital 12 Volt Oven® has three operating modes. Cooking mode is when the oven is on, and the timer is counting down. Once the times is up the oven automatically enters Standby mode. When it is activated through a short press of the power button the intelligence of oven remembers the last oven setting and re-sets the oven to that combination.

The last mode is where the Digital 12 Volt Oven® comes into its own. The oven can be turned off by either long pressing the power button on the oven or disconnecting the power source. When the oven receives power, it enters an initial 10 second Power Up mode, and then automatically enters a pre-set preheat mode of 180˚C for 20 minutes. This awesome feature enables management system users to not only turn their oven off but most importantly turn it on. Imagine you’re driving down the highway and you know its about an hour and half to your lunch time destination. Rather than having to stop your co driver simply grabs their phone, clicks through the app and presto your oven is preheating, 20 minutes later you pull over, put your favourite meal into a warmed up oven, set the temperature and time and you’re on the road to your destination. You always preheat your oven at home, so why not on the road!

Through continued development and innovation, the Digital 12 Volt Oven® can achieve higher cooking temperatures than its older brother with it being able to reach to 195°C. This allows you to cook a wider range of meals.


  • Fully insulated outer tank
  • Double insulated door with strong door latch
  • Three power supply options - Anderson, Cigarette & Merit Plug
  • Temperature adjustable in 1 degree increments (50 - 180 degrees)
  • Able to reach temperature of 195 degrees
  • A 180 minute timber - adjustable during cook
  • 2x removable wire racks - telescopic 
  • 2x tie down brackets 


  • Material: 304 grade Stainless Steel
  • Weight: 7.2kgs
  • Colour: Silver / Stainless Steel
  • Dimensions: 370mm wide x 263mm high x 360mm deep
  • Maximum temperature: 195 degrees
  • Warranty: 12 months*

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