Rovin 12VDC 16PSI Air Pump | MWA632

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The Rovin 16PSI high capacity 12 volt pump is suitable for airbeds, inflatable pools, etc that require large volumes of air at modest pressure. Fitted with a SUP adapter nozzle attached to a 3m hose, With it's built in LCD display allowing you to easily adjust PSI settings up to a max of 16PSI.

It is driven from a cigarette lighter socket, so you will need access to a vehicle, or a cig lighter socket to battery clips adapter.

• Supplied with 1 SUP adapter nozzle attached to a 3m hose

• Airflow/pressure: 70L/min

• Dimensions: 250(L) x 160(W) x 140(H)mm

• Power: 12V @ 100W


Packaged Volume : 5.71l
Packaged Weight : 1.37kg
Packaged Length : 25.5cm
Packaged Width : 16cm
Packaged Height : 14cm
Length : 250mm
Width : 160mm
Height : 140mm
Weight : 1.2kg
Colour : Black
Sub-section colour : Orange

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