Sharp 130 watt (Genuine) solar panel 12 Volt Heavy Duty LIMITED STOCK

Package: 1 x Sharp panel only
Sale price$199


This is the perfect 12 volt solar panel for your Caravan / Motorhome or stand-alone system.

The GENUINE 130 watt Sharp solar panels provided in this package will offer a generous average output of approx. 7-8Amps per hour. This equates to an approx. daily input 50-60 Amps per day back into your 12 volt battery system.

This panel can be purchased with a number of different regulators in a pre-designed package for you, or you can simply purchase the panel only.

This package is also available ton our website with additional panels / alternative regulator options.

Please feel free to contact our staff if you require an additional information 08 8391 3121


Cell Type:

Application voltage:

Solar wattage:



Open Circuit Voltage (VOC)

Max power Voltage (VPM)

Short circuit current (ISC)

Max power Current (IPM)
Poly-crystalline solar panel

DC 12V System

130 watt (-5% / + 10%)

1491 x 671 x 46mm

12.5Kg per panel

22.00 V

17.4 V

8.09 A

7.48 A



Regulator options:

Please check out our other listing to see these panels packaged with regulators


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