Solar - GSL MPPT30-2 MPPT Regulator 30 Amp solar - suits remote head

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GSL MPPT 30 - 2

Maximum Output 30 Amp / 900 Watts

Additional features for the more advanced user:

   •   Built in load switch configurable as a variable dawn
        to dusk or low voltage disconnect
   •   Remote load control option and alarm
   •   Low voltage discontent
   •   Surge, PV short and reverse current protection
   •   Connectivity to the MCM product for Remote Monitoring and Control






Maximum Output Current




Maximum Input Panel Power

900W with 24V batteries
450W with 12V batteries

900W with 24V batteries
450W with 12V batteries


Input Voltage

18V to 84V

18V to 84V


Battery Voltage

12V / 24V

12 V / 24V  or programmable 5V - 58V via MCM and GUI


Typical Efficiency




Monitoring & Control


Yes (full via MCM)


Dawn to Dusk, LVD

or Remote Control


Yes programmable and enabled via MCM


PV Short and Surge Protection




Thermal Protection




Dimensions [LxWxH]

175 x 177 x 67 mm

175 x 177 x 67 mm

Design and specifications may change without notice.




Optional Extra: Digital Remote head         R.R.P $ 175.00

tl_files/solar-products/MCM.jpgMCM (Monitor and Control Module with PC GUI)

   •   Simple to operate
   •   Displays system parameters
   •   Enables load control and voltage settings
   •   Low cost
   •   PC connectivity via GUI Software*
   •   Can be positioned up to 1m from MPPT
   •   Compatible with MPPT 30-2, MPPT 60-2, BMPPT800 & BMPPT1500





• Battery voltage

• Battery current and Amp/h

• Load current and Amp/h

• MPPT/BMPPT temperature

• Low battery voltage alarm

• High temperature alarm

• Adjustable Low Voltage Disconnect.

• Adjustable Dawn to Dusk.

• Load On/Off Control

• Adjustable Amp/H Alarm

• Output voltage programming

• Alarm ( ot and lv) level setup



Display Type



• Dual line 32 character LCD

• PC via USB
 PC GUI for all display and control
 MPPT via standard 9 pin connector

Design and specifications may change without notice.

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