Solar - N2072 • SBC-7130 12V/ Display 30A Solar Charger

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This versatile solar regulator is suitable for use with all types of photovoltaic panels and wet or sealed lead acid batteries. The internal microprocessor controller provides the optimal charging current and voltage according to the actual stage of charge and type of battery.


The 3-stage (Bulk, Absorption & Float) charger ensures proper maintenance of lead acid type batteries, maximising their service life. For wet cells, there is an equalisation function, which automatically cycles the battery once a month for two hours. The unit also automatically disconnects the battery if the terminal voltage drops below 11.5V, and then reconnects it once it is charged again. It features an LCD panel that displays battery voltage, the solar panel voltage and the active charge mode.

Unlike other regulators, you can see the true status of the charging system at a glance.


  • User adjustable charging voltages
  • Suitable for most types of heavy duty 12V battery.
  • Microprocessor control PWM and 3 stage charging algorithms.
  • Bulk, Absorption & Float Charge status on LCD Display.
  • Ampere Hour logging read outs in 3 sets, today and last 2 days.
  • 5 State LED Indications of battery levels.
  • Electronic Overcharge Protection & Back Current Blocking to PV panel.
  • Over Temperature Protection of PV Charge Controller's electronic circuit.
  • Dusk to Dawn automatic ON-Off with 10 selectable on-off programs.
  • Adjustable battery low voltage level disconnect and reconnect for DC output.
  • Optional Temperature Sensor for compensated battery charging.


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Information & Downloads

  • Product Code: N2072
  • Shipping Weight: 0.50000Kg
    • Battery voltage: 12V
    • Maximum PV panel open circuit voltage: 26V
    • Maximum PV panel input current: 32A
    • Continuous load / charge current: 30A
    • Maximum charge current (5 mins.): 35A
    • Maximum load current (5 mins.): 35A
    • Operation current (no load and PV): 15mA
    • Voltage across terminal (PV to battery): 1.2V
    • Voltage across terminal (battery to load): 0.6V
    • Electronic Blocking*: Yes
    • Battery reverse polarity protection: Yes
    • Overcharge & Over-discharge protection: Yes
    • Battery status LED indiction: 5-state LED Indications
    • Charging status indiction: 3-state LCD Display
    • Recommended wire size: #10AWG
    • Weight: 0.48kg
    • Dimension: 150(W) x 85(D) x 50(H) mm
    • Fuse: 40A
    • Operating ambient temperature: -10 to 50°C
    • Over temperature protection: Yes
    • Battery charging float voltage setting: Adjustable from 12.0-15.0V
    • Battery charging bulk voltage setting: Adjustable from 12.0-16.0V
    • DC load control mode ( For DC load terminal)
    • Low Voltage Disconnect(LVD): 8-16V
    • Low Voltage Reconnect(LVR): 8-16V
    • * To protect against reverse polarity connection of PV panel and to block current from
    • battery to PV panel when voltage of battery is higher than PV panel

    *Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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