Thumper Redback 30 AH replacement base only | RBLC-30

Sale price$55


This particular listing includes:

1 x Lower case (only) to suit the Thumper 30 AH

The case includes stickers to suit the Redback 30 AH model, side corners fitted, rubber feet on bottom of case.

This particular case will suit the Thumper battery pack with the following locking screw:


Thumper models in the past that have used this particular lower case included:

  • Thumper 24 AH
  • Thumper 30 AH
  • Thumper 48 AH

Dimensions of lower case:

Length 235mm
Width 190mm
Height  73mm (base only) / 80mm includes feet


Note: This listing does not include the batteries or lid for the Thumper. This listing is only for the lower case to suit the Thumper 30 AH

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