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The Thumper Battery Hub has been designed to offer both portability and reliability with its light weight and compact design. Equipped with or without a DC battery charger, the battery hub includes everything you will need for an independent battery system.        

This package includes the following items:

  • Thumper Lithium Battery Hub 100 AH
  • Secure battery mounting tray with strap
  • Complete vehicle wiring loom
  • 240 Volt 10 Amp Battery Charger fitted with 50 Amp Anderson


Battery Chemistry, Charging & Maintenance:

The Thumper Lithium Battery Hub contains Lithium Phosphate LiFePO4 Prismatic cells. Included with a massive 5 year manufacturing warranty, the hub is designed for the use in the vehicle as a portable battery option.

The chemistry used in the Thumper Lithium Battery Hub is extremely safe and virtually maintenance free.

The battery is internally caged for protection in harsh off-road conditions and has been designed with thermal stability protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection and internal short circuit protection

The Thumper Battery Hub includes a digital voltage indicator to aid in monitoring the charge condition of the battery. This indicator is to be used as a guide only.

The Thumper Battery Hub is considered to be fully charged when the battery meter is reading approx. 13.4 Volts and the LED bar graph around the voltage display illuminates with a minimum of three green bars.

 240 Volt Charging

Included in the package is a 240 Volt 10 Amp battery charger.

This dedicated lithium LiFePO4 charger is fully regulated and designed to ensure that no overcharging will occur when in use. The Thumper Battery Hub may be stored with the 240 volt battery battery charger permanently connected, however, it is not necessary to do so.

The battery charger is designed to connect directly into the 50 Amp Anderson located on the front of the Battery Hub labelled ’12 Volt Input / Output’. Simply connect the charger to your 240 volt and directly into the battery hub. The charger will illuminate with a RED light when charging and will turn GREEN only once the battery has reached a full charge.


Isolating the Thumper Battery Hub / Storing

The Thumper Battery Hub is fitted with a isolation switch, making storing the battery hub extremely easy!

This isolation switch is designed to disconnect all power connections on the Thumper Battery Hub, excluding only the 50 Amp Anderson on the front of the Hub labelled ’12 Volt Input / Output’. This particular connection is left usable for the purpose of charging.

When the isolation switch has been triggered, no power will be available at any connection point on the Thumper Battery Hub. The voltage meter will not illuminate and the DC charger (if fitted) will not operate.

Only once the lower toggle on the isolation switch has been manually reset, will all of the connections within the Battery Hub be restored with power. This ensures that when you are storing your Battery Hub, you do so with complete peace of mind that the battery will be charged and ready to use the very next time you need it.

 Note: It is recommended to charge the Battery Hub via the use of the provided 240 Volt battery charger prior to each use.

Battery capacity, Maximum discharge and connection points

The Thumper Lithium Battery Hub offers 100 AH of usable battery power and is fitted internally with a ‘Battery Management System’ (BMS) rated to 100 Amps.

The 100 Amp BMS is equal to approx. 1200 watts of power. This refers to the maximum discharge capacity the battery can release to run heavy appliances such as Inverters, air compressors, etc. The maximum draw on the Thumper Lithium 100 AH Battery Hub is 1200 watts. Exceeding the maximum discharge capacity can result in damage to the internal BMS and is not recommended.

Low draw appliances are designed to connect directly into the 12 volt accessory sockets located on the front of the Thumper Battery Hub. Appliances with heavier draws, up to 50 Amps, can be connected via the 50 Amp Anderson connector labelled ’12 Volt Input / Output’.

For larger output requirements, exceeding 50 Amps but limited to 100 Amps, it is recommended to use one of the two 120 Amp Anderson connectors fitted to the top of the Battery Hub


Need more power?

Thumper offer a link battery, rated to 100 Amps, designed to link in parallel with this battery and provide an additional 100 AH of capacity and an additional 100 Amps to your BMS!

Once you link the two batteries in parallel, the batteries will instead be able to support loads of 2400 watts.



Part No. TBH-100
Battery Capacity 100 AH
BMS Capacity 100 Amps
Cell Type / Chemistry Prismatic / LiFePO4
IP Rating IP63



Length (Total)
355 mm
Width (Total)
190 mm
Height (Total)
250 mm
11.2 kg



BMS High temp cut out / Reconnect 80˚C / 50˚C
Discharge: - 20˚C ~ 60˚C
Charge: -20˚C ~ 45˚C
- 5˚C ~ 35˚C



Recommended Charge Current: 10 ~ 50 Amps
Max Charge Current: 70 Amps



Max discharge current (continuous) 100 Amps
Peak discharge current (1-3 secs): 300 Amps
BMS current cut off: >100.5A 10s
BMS current cut off: >120A 3s
BMS current cut off: >150A 1s
BMS Voltage cut off / Reconnect: 10.0V / 12.0V
Self Discharge Rate per month: ≤3%
Warranty: 5 years from date of purchase


Common questions and answers:

1. Can I run my appliances and charge the battery at the same time?

Yes! Absolutely. This is the best way you can use the battery system. The battery is able to safely charge (via the vehicle, 240 volt battery charger, or solar), whilst running your 12 volt accessories.

2. How long will the 240 volt battery charger take to charge my power hub?

If the battery is completely discharged, then the battery charger (provided) can take up to 10 hours to completely recharge the battery hub. Keep in mind that the battery hub does not need to be flat

3. Can I add a DC Battery Charger to this pack?

Lithium batteries will charge best in the vehicle when coupled with a suitable DC Battery charger. Thumper do offer two model Battery Hubs with the DC charger fully fitted and hardwired to the unit; Redarc and Projecta.

If you own a DC Charger already, then it is no problem to use this to charge the Thumper power Hub, providing it has a Lithium setting (or an AGM setting that falls within an appropriate voltage range). Simply connect your existing DC charger to one of the Anderson connectors fitted on the Battery Hub.

4. Can I charge and discharge from any outlet socket in the Battery Hub?

The Thumper Lithium Battery Hub consists of multiple sockets. All sockets (excluding the USB socket), within the Battery Hub are wired bi-directional to allow you to charge or discharge from any connection.

The USB socket is purely an output and will not allow for any input charging.

5. Can I link another battery for increased capacity?

Yes! Thumper offer a battery hub that is designed for this sole purpose of linking the two hub's together. The linking hub is fitted with a 120 Amp Anderson connector and will allow you to parallel link the two Battery Hub's so to increase both the overall capacity as well as the BMS rating (2 x battery hubs = 200 Amp BMS / 2400 watt capacity)

If you are not wanting to link to the Thumper Linking Hub, then the other option would be to link to a TL-100P model (via 120 Amp Anderson on the Hub to ring terminals on the battery). This would provide the same effect on the increase capacity.

6. What is the warranty on the Thumper Lithium Battery Hub?

The warranty on the Thumper Lithium Battery Hub is 5 years from date of purchase.

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