Thumper LiFePO4 DC to DC (In vehicle) Battery Charger 10 Amp | LDC-10A

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The Thumper Lithium DC (In vehicle) LiFePO4 Battery charger has been designed especially with a 2.1mm charge plug to connect directly into your Thumper Lithium battery pack or Battery Box.

This charger is solely designed for the use with LiFePO4 Lithium batteries.The charger has the ability to reactivate Lithium batteries that have shut down the BMS system with a low voltage disconnect.

Available in two sizes (5 Amp & 10 Amp), this particular listing is an 10 AMP charger.

Directions for use:
This particular charger is fitted with a male cigarette plug to connect directly into your 'factory fitted' or aftermarket cigarette socket within the vehicle.
The battery charger will convert the vehicle's output (as low as 10.5Volts) to charge at the desired 14.6 Volts to suit a Lithium battery.


Product code LDC-10A
Rated capacity 10 Amp
Input Voltage 10.5 Volts - 26 Volts
Output voltage 14.6 Volt   9 Amps
Chemistry Lithium LiFePO4 cells
Connection 2.1mm male plug
Suits Thumper Lithium 60 ~ 90 AH Battery Pack
Warranty 12 months


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