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  • Lithium LiFePO4 battery pack
  • Super lightweight design
  • Portable Battery System to suit EVERY vehicle | Dual Battery
  • IN BUILT DC DC Charger | 22 Amp
  • Suits charging from either 12 Volt or 24 Volt vehicles
  • ZERO drain from DC charger when not in use

The Thumper Lithium IN BUILT DC has been designed to suit EVERY vehicle on the market, regardless of the year of manufacture! This unit is compatible to charge from either 12 volt or 24 volt vehicles, simply by changing the under bonnet relay in the installation kit (select at purchase)

Built using the traditional Thumper look, this portable dual battery system is equipped with an IN BUILT 22 Amp DC CHARGER to allow for a perfect charge every time direct from your vehicle (regardless of the year the vehicle was manufactured!)


  • Portable Dual battery
  • High capacity
  • Multiple 12 Volt outlets
  • Serviceable
  • Super Light weight design
  • Available in 2 sizes (48 / 72AH)
  • DC Charger included (in built)
  • Vehicle wiring loom included
  • Digital Volt meter
  • Sealed batteries for indoor use
  • Super FAST recharge time
  • Australian designed and manufactured


BONUS Remote head package!

This battery pack comes included with two recessed in built 50 Amp Anderson connectors. These 50 Amp Anderson connectors are wired as bi-directional, meaning they can be used for either charging or discharging.

This limited time offer includes a Remote head package. The Remote head package is designed to connect into one of the recessed 50 Amp Anderson connectors. It will then allow the user a multiple connection point for power to be fed from the battery in an easily accessible location!


What is the Thumper?

The Thumper is designed to take the place of, or even work alongside a dual battery system in the vehicle. The Thumper pack is supplied with a vehicle wiring loom for installation to the vehicle or boat, which when installed correctly, will allow for a recharge time of between 2 – 4 hours. 

This particular pack is fitted with an in built 22 Amp DC charger. The DC charger is the perfect solution to low voltage charging problems for both new and old model vehicles. The DC charger is designed to BOOST the charge voltage from the vehicle, creating an optimum voltage output to the Thumper when driving.

Each Thumper pack consists of multiple Lithium LiFePO4 cells, linked in parallel. The cells are maintenance free and will not leak or gas when charging; perfect for use inside the vehicle or enclosed areas. The cells are manufactured with the highest quality Battery Management System (BMS) to ensure a safe, reliable and high output; the perfect combination for a portable dual battery system!

The lightweight design of the Thumper Lithium makes this pack the perfect solution for the 4wd, caravan or motorhome for running all 12 volt accessories such as fridges, lighting, charging phones and anything else 12 volt!

Capacity and charging:

The Thumper 48 AH is the perfect companion for your everyday dual battery system use. The 48 AH capacity of Lithium cells can be compared to approx 75 AH of equivalent AGM power. That's enough to power the average 60Lt compressor fridge/freezer for approx. 2-3 days without any recharge! *variables apply.

In built DC Charger will allow for a rapid recharge time within the vehicle. The Thumper 48 AH will charge in a little over 2 hours from completely discharged from an adequate power cable in the vehicle, connected to the 'Alternator Input' Anderson on the Thumper.

The 'Alternator Input', 50 Amp Anderson connection, located externally on the Thumper case, is wired directly to the internal DC charger. The DC charger is pre-set and fully automatic in it's charging; it will require no alterations to its settings at any stage. 

The DC charger is protected internally with a automatic reset circuit breaker. Simply connect your Anderson charge lead from the vehicle directly into the Anderson labelled 'Alternator Input' and the DC charger will ensure the Thumper receives the best charge rate possible from the vehicle charging.

Note: The DC charger is simply a solid state voltage booster. It is not designed as a vehicle isolator, nor does it include a solar regulator component in built. When using the DC charger within the vehicle, it is recommended to use in conjunction with a vehicle battery isolator. The Thumper is provided with a complete wiring loom, which includes this isolator, for the vehicle installation (TUR-L).

The Thumper is compatible with solar charging and 240 Volt charging (not included). The Thumper Lithium will charge from a good quality AGM Battery charger, however, it is recommended where possible to use a dedicated Lithium LiFePO4 battery charger. The use of a Lithium charger will extend the life expectancy of the Thumper pack. Thumper do sell a range of affordable dedicated LiFePO4 battery chargers in both 5 Amp and 8 Amp.

Note: When charging via 240Volt, it is recommended to use a charger between 5-20Amps for the ideal charge input.

Connections / Components: 

1 x Digital Volt meter with round LED indicator for battery monitoring

1 x Dual USB connector (Min 2.2 Amp at 5 Volt)

2 x Marine grade cigarette socket (rated 16 Amp at 12 Volt)

1 x Engel '2 prong' fridge socket (rated 15 Amp at 12 Volt)

1 x 15 Amp Manual reset circuit breaker

2 x 50 Amp Genuine Anderson connectors (wired as bi-directional)

1 x 50 Amp Anderson labelled 'Alternator input' (connected internally to DC charger)


Model number: BATL-48
Capacity: 48 AH
Length: 335 mm
Height: 187 mm
Width: 265 mm
Warranty: 3 years
DC charger: Yes / rated to 22 Amps
Charging voltage from DC approx 14.5 V - 14.6 V
Approx vehicle charge time +/- 3 hours from discharged
Approx cycle life

50% discharged at 4,000 cycles

80 % discharged at 2,500 cycles

Charging loom:

The Thumper Universal Relay Loom (TUR-L) has been designed to suit all model vehicles, both new and old. This charging system is compatible with the use of a DC charger, such as the DC charger built internally within this model Thumper.

The TUR-L been designed to fit under the bonnet of the vehicle. The kit provides an isolated HEAVY DUTY charging line to the rear of the vehicle so the user can charge secondary battery systems, fridges and other accessories.

The TUR-L uses an ignition activated relay. The relay will act to provide power to the charging system when the vehicle is running, and in turn, will isolate away from the main starter battery once the vehicle's ignition has been switched OFF.

Included with all components you will need for the vehicle installation, the loom provided with this package is 6mm twin core automotive cable (50 Amp rating).


I have a DC Charger built into the battery pack, Why would I fit the TUR-L?

Great question! The answer is:

Most DC Battery chargers will act as an isolator. An isolator is the component that will separate the charge line from the main starter battery once the voltage of the main battery falls (indicating the vehicle's ignition is off).

The DC charger that is built into the Thumper unit is designed to BOOST the voltage output from the vehicle. It does NOT have an isolator component and therefore, it will not separate from the vehicle's main start battery when the ignition is off.

Simply fit the TUR-L and this system will act as your isolator to ensure that your main battery is protected and will not drain at any stage after the ignition is OFF.


Components: of the TUR-L

  • 1 x Relay Mount (Fitted with Relay / Midi Fuse Holder / MIDI Fuse)
  • 1 x 6mt length 6mm twin core automotive cable (optional 8mm upgrade)
  • 1 x Anderson rear box (optional to fit)
  • 1 x Anderson to Anderson 1mt connecting cable
  • 2 x Pk5 small zip-ties
  • 3 x Fuse-Tap options (Mico Fuse / Micro2 Fuse / Mini Fuse)
  • Assortment of lugs / cable joiners / screws


Instructions for Fitting:

  • Mount the Anderson rear box in the rear of the vehicle, within 1 metre of where the Thumper will be located.
  • Run the twin core automotive cable (6mm) under the carpet or kick panel from the engine bay to the location of the rear Anderson box. (If the cable has been upgraded to 8mm, then it is recommended to run the cable under the body of the vehicle and secure within split conduit).
  • Using the yellow crimp joiners, connect the Anderson rear box to the twin core cable by crimping both the positive and negative cable into the yellow crimp joiners. Using electrical tape, tape the crimp joiners / cable join for added protection (optional).
  • Fasten the Relay Mount under the vehicle bonnet as close to the main starter battery as possible (within 600mm) - see notes on the fitting the Relay Mount in the above diagram.
  • Using the lugs provided, connect the length of 6mm (or 8mm) cable to the following:
    • The positive (RED) cable will connect to the remaining ring terminal on the Relay Mount (see image above)
    • The negative (BLACK) cable will connect either directly to the negative terminal of the starter battery, or, to the chassis bolt (a chassis bolt may not be fitted to all vehicles) - see notes in image above for more information.
  • Connect the positive cable from the Relay Mount (the RED cable with split conduit) directly to the positive terminal of the starter battery.
  • The remaining thin RED wire on the Relay Mount must connect to an ignition activated power source. An ignition activated source is a positive connection that is live ONLY with the vehicle engine running and holds NO power when the ignition is OFF.
    • For vehicles fitted with rain sensing wipers; it is recommended to use one of the Fuse-Taps provided to replace the fuse and connect this ignition wire.
    • For all other vehicles, an ignition activated source can be located either within the loom to the windscreen wiper motor, or by tapping into the back of a socket (such as a cigarette socket).
  • Connect the Anderson 1mt connecting lead to the Anderson rear box and to the Thumper.
  • Final Step - Testing the charging system
    • Start the vehicle engine and increase the vehicle's RPM to approx 1500-2000 for 3 - 5 seconds. At this stage, allow for your vehicle to idle whilst checking the Thumper voltage. The voltage should start to increase on the Thumper display. --> If the voltage increases at this point, then you have successfully installed the charging system.



- The aluminum bracket on the Relay Mount must be mounted to the vehicle’s body. Mounting to the body will provide an earth connection to the relay.

* If the relay mount is fastened to a plastic surface or to a fibreglass body, then an additional earth wire must be connected to the aluminum bracket via one of the mount holes provided.

The Relay Mount is equipped with two optional pre-drilled mount holes. Either hole may be used to fasten the Relay Mount; alternatively, the top foot may be removed, or straightened, to allow for mounting to the rear firewall or side guard of the vehicle.


The Relay Mount has been fitted with an ignition wire. This wire must be fitted to any positive connection that is ONLY live when the vehicle’s ignition is ON. The power feed must hold NO power when the
vehicle’s ignition is OFF.

For vehicles fitted with rain sensing wipers; it is recommended to use one of the Fuse-Taps provided to replace the fuse and connect this ignition wire.

For all other vehicles, the most common ignition source can be found within the windscreen wiper motor loom.


Instructions for Internal DC charger - Download

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