Thumper Package MINI Mate 15AH with 240 Volt Charger

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The perfect camping package!

The Thumper Mini Mate offers 15 AH in capacity, making it the perfect option for running of your smaller appliances such as lighting, charging phones or tablets, charging camera batteries, or even running your compressor fridge for a short period of time*

Package includes:
1 x Thumper 15 AH Mini Mate Battery Pack
1 x240 Volt Battery Charger fitted with 50A Anderson connector
Package worth over $ 298.00!
The Thumper Mini Mate is built with the following features:
  • 12 Volt - 15 AH in Battery capacity
  • 9-33V Digital Volt meter
  • 1 x Push button (switches digital volt meter ON / OFF)
  • 1 x Marine Grade Cigarette socket - rated to 16 Amps
  • 1 x Dual USB socket - rated to min of 2.5Amps
  • Carry Handle fitted to lid
  • Rubber feet fitted to bottom of unit to stop sliding on slippery surfaces
  • 15 Amp Manual reset (push button) circuit breaker
  • Cigarette charge lead (connects to 2pin connector fitted in Thumper)
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty
  • Option to have battery replaced when required (approx. $ 69.00)
  • Built in Australia by Blue Apple Thumper 
  • Weight – 5 kg
  • Length – 165mm / Height – 175mm / Width – 140mm

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