Thumper 'Standard' 80/600w Battery Pack (Dual Battery)

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The 'Standard' model Thumper is built with the traditional Thumper look. The unit has been re-designed to include a DUAL USB outlet and 2 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors.

Designed in 2 sizes only (60AH & 80AH), the Thumper standard is available exclusively through the Home of 12 Volt stores.

This traditional design is a great cost effective alternative for the individual
to own a Genuine Thumper power pack at a dramatically reduced price !!

Please contact our store for more information 

Thumper Battery Pack 80 AH + 600 watt Inverter 

The Thumper range is designed to take the place of, or even work alongside a dual battery system in the vehicle. The units are supplied with a charging system for the vehicle or boat, which when installed correctly, will allow for a recharge time of 2 – 4 hours. 

Each Thumper unit consists of multiple 12 Volt AGM cells (Absorbed Glass Matt) linked together in parallel. The cells are maintenance free and will not leak or gas when charging; perfect for use inside the vehicle or enclosed areas.

You will have absolute peace of mind when jump starting with your Thumper as the entire range is ‘spike protected’. This means that no damage will occur to any in built computer systems.

The Thumper 80 AH is the most popular unit of the whole range; it has the highest cranking ability of the range offering a whopping big 1200 CA for jump – starting! 

This is enough to successfully, and safely jump-start any vehicle on the market, including tractors, trucks and all your basic 4x4 and sedan models. No problem starting 10Lt diesel engines over and over again before requiring a recharge!

The unit consists of: 
 2 x Marine Grade cigarette outlets
1 x Dual USB outlet - rated to 2.5Amps at 5 Volt 
1 x 15 Amp circuit breaker
2 x 50 Amp Anderson connector - for vehicle charging 
1 x 175 Amp Anderson connector for jump – starting. 

This model is fitted with a IP600 Projecta 600 watt Pure Sine Inverter.

The unit again is completely spike protected to ensure no damage will occur during jump – starting due to voltage spikes. The unit comes equipped with a LCD digital display meter for accurate voltage readings. 

The 80 AH can allow for the luxury of running a 40-50Lt 12 volt compressor type fridge for approx 3+ days before requiring a recharge. 

The unit comes included with a set of jumper leads and the vehicle charge system, which will allow the unit to charge within 2 – 3 hours of driving. 

The unit is also compatible with solar and 240 Volt charging. (When charging via 240Volt do not use in excess of a 25Amp charger).

Weight – 26.5 kg       Length – 335mm

Height – 258mm     Width – 265mm

2 Year Warranty 

R.R.P $ 1299.00


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