Torpedo LED Work Light / Camp Light with hanging hook

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The TorpedoLight, LED camping light, is one of the toughest camping and boating lights on the market. Designed to be virtually indestructible, it is perfect for your next camping trip.

The LED housing is made with glass-reinforced injection moulded nylon. The lens is high impact 6mm thick poly carbonate. The seals are double silicone rubber O ring seals (inner and outer). The LED cluster comprises 80 high output, high quality all around LEDs with a total lamp output of 1000 lumens.

  1. A switch is provided allowing the end user to turn off 50% of the LED’s (one side) providing directional light for inspection work.
  2. Very tough high impact resist Poly Carbonate and reinforced nylon construction
  3. Waterproof and Chemical Resistant.
  4. Long life LED light source
The Light comes with various brightness options, 50%, 100% and Half (inspection mode)
The Torpedo Light has three modes of operation. Turn one side off with inspection mode, use it with 50% brightness or with its full 1000 Lumen power. Choose the best option for your situation!
Top quality design specifics include:
  • Water and oil resistant, featuring double “O” ring seals and cable gland.
  • Vibration and impact resistant.
  • Low current draw 0.06, for LED cluster light source.
  • Very low operating temperature.
  • Tough double insulated cable, 6 meters (20ft.) as standard.


Additional information

Weight 1.6 kg
Dimensions 30 x 20 x 5 cm

Glass reinforced injection molded nylon as standard. Bright orange colour.


High impact 6mm thick poly carbonate


Double silicone rubber “O” ring seals (inner and outer)

Cable Entry

Water tight cable gland


Waterproof to IP68 as standard


LED cluster comprising 80 high output, high quality (all-round) LED cluster. Output 1000 Lm

Operating voltage


Current draw

0.4 amps @ 12 Vdc, 0.2 amps @ 24 Vdc


Custom designed to conform to CE/EMC certification


240mm long overall, (lens 140mm) diameter 60mm


0.4 Kg


Switch provided to turn off 50% (One side of the LED’s for Inspection work)

Cable Length

6 Meters


24 Month (2 years)

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