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Thumper Elite / Thumper Redback / Thumper Outback?

Deciding Which 12 Volt Battery Power Pack is Right for Your Adelaide Vehicle

Picture this all too common scenario: you're camping in the outback, and after a relaxing and enjoyable evening, you wake in the morning to find that your Motorhome or vehicle won't start. Why not? The battery is flat, of course. Providing power for the equipment you bring along with you into the bush is crucial, but often stock power systems simply aren't up to the task. Even some basic power solutions can lead to your battery going flat and requiring a jump. While this is a frustrating problem to have, there are many good solutions out there that can prevent it from ever happening again. At Home of 12 Volt Mt Barker, we're proud to manufacture our Thumper line or portable dual battery systems, a 12-volt battery system designed for the harsh Australian conditions.

Power is our passion at Home of 12 Volt Mt Barker. We aim to create a cutting edge product that keeps you powered up and in business for the duration of your camping trip or excursion. From our regular attendance at trade shows across Australia to our goal of educating consumers on battery pack choices, we rely on years of experience to deliver quality products. When you want to purchase a 12-volt power pack in Adelaide, what should you be considering? Which pieces of information are important when choosing between the Thumper Elite / The Thumper Redback or maybe the Thumper outback to suit those new model vehicles with variable or smart alternators ?

Factors to consider when selecting a 12-volt power pack in Adelaide

  1. What will you be powering with your 12-volt battery pack? Before you consider purchasing a Thumper Battery Box in Adelaide, consult our staff either by Facebook, phone or online via our messenger link Think about what you need to power. The more amp hours a unit is capable of, the longer you can keep your fridge full of frosty beer before you will need to recharge!
  2. Where will you be able to support the battery pack weight? Don't have space under your bonnet to fit a Thumper? No worries! Home of 12 Volt online creates complete units that work well in other locations. Each dual battery system will include all of the necessary wiring for full functionality.
  3. What kind of jump-starting capacity do you need? In the event your main battery does run out, you can use your power pack to jump your vehicle. Smaller Thumper models accomplish this best with petrol engines and smaller diesels, while large Thumper models such as the 80 AH can handle practically any diesel caravan engine up to 10lt.

Explore more products now or contact us with questions

Equipping you to make the right choice when it comes to buying a 12-volt power pack is our aim. If you have any questions about our Thumper products or the best way to use a battery pack in your caravan, we encourage you to reach out via email, facebook, our store online messenger or even just a good old phone call. The friendly Australian staff at Home of 12 Volt is always ready to help. Just visit our contact page.

No matter where you are, when you want to purchase a DC battery box or Thumper Battery Pack in Adelaide, we'll get it to you. We supply Australia-wide, shipping all orders above $100 for free. That means you'll receive your new domestically produced power pack in a timely, efficient manner, so you can get back out there without worrying about flat batteries and unpowered appliances. It's time to "get outback and stay there!" with Home of 12 Volt online

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