January 1998 saw the introduction of the very first Thumper Battery pack to the Australian market. Fast forward 25 years later to 2022 and these battery packs are just as popular as ever! 

Originally specializing in the traditional AGM battery packs, Thumper now have over 280,000 units circulating the Australian market.

But what do you do if you own a 20 year old Thumper power pack? The batteries have finally given up the ghost and your beloved battery pack just can't go the miles it used to?

The simple answer is, REPACK IT!

Home of 12 Volt Mount Barker offer a full range of replacement parts for the Thumper range of battery packs. From the casing, the sockets, the gauges, the to batteries, we offer every component of the Thumper battery pack to bring your treasured item back to life!

Or are you tired of the old look of your Thumper battery pack? Why not look at a potential upgrade to a new model in either the traditional AGM style, or even our new Lithium range!