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Many people today are in search of a reliable, cost efficient and industry proven dual battery system. However, many of us are also mindful that the majority of kits on the market today are manufactured abroad also. Australian's are being more and more mindful that we want to support local business in our 12 Volt industry and guess what - Home of 12 Volt couldn't more local to you! We are your 12 Volt manufacturer of 12 Volt portable dual battery systems, right here in Australia!

Home of 12 Volt Emphasises Convenience with Portable Dual Battery Kits

Our aim is to offer portable dual battery systems that will cater to the needs and desires of your holiday whilst providing you comfort and reliability. Through our exclusive Thumper kits, we accommodate all electrical and solar demands - bolstering your campers, caravans, and more with the multi-functional performance they need. Leave the rush of city life behind but maintain the convenience.

With every portable dual battery kit, we emphasise all-terrain adaptability. We also stress consistency. We recognise that low alternator outputs are typical, with vehicles unable to generate the necessary performance compared to vehicles dated prior to 2016. Our Thumper line has been painstakingly engineered to provide steady results to every circuit system. To learn more contact us today.

Choosing Portable Dual Battery Kits: Multi-Use Simplicity

Your travelling needs are many - with running anything from Fridges, air compressors, lighting, ipads, phones and maybe even a microwave for those big trips! Connectivity is essential. With each Thumper portable dual battery system, you can now maintain that connectivity. Each delivers multiple applications and endless values. We can help design and provide a system that will cater directly to your needs, no matter how big or small they may be!

The Thumper units feature marine-grade cigarette outlets; Engel fridge 2 prong sockets; dual USB outlets; Anderson outlets (* some options available for jumpstarting); and more. Through dynamic designs, they allow drivers to tailor every trip to their specific equipment needs - providing instant access to reliable power. This flexibility ensures convenient holidays, with portable dual battery kits promoting large-amp capacity. They also improve efficiency, with many Thumper offering both solar and 240-volt charging. Drivers no longer need to fear those lonely stretches of road: superior power is available.

Catering to all Platforms: Portable Dual Battery Systems and Alternators

The past several years has seen many changes to vehicle alternators. One big change is the compliance with fuel emissions. This has resulted in vehicle manufacturing now selling vehicles programmed with 'smart alternators'. These variable or smart alternators limit the demand on the alternator in order to produce less fuel emissions and comply with Australian pollution standards. But what does this mean for us dual battery folk? .. It means we can not longer reach fully charged in our secondary battery system! How can we fix this you ask? Well, easy! Home of 12 Volt Mount Barker have the answer for you with their range of DC battery boxes and Thumper Outback DC battery packs. These units will hold the demand on the alternator until both your main and your second battery charge! And that's it, problem solved by Home of 12 Volt, and whats more, we manufacture the items!!! Right HERE in Australia

Embrace an All-In-One Design with the Thumper Portable Dual Battery System

Your vehicle isn’t merely a vehicle. It’s also an escape, taking you to destinations both unknown and far away. Combine that multi-purpose philosophy with a Thumper portable dual battery kit.

To learn more contact us today on 08-8391-3121 or click the contact us link at the bottom of your page!

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