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What to Look for in a 12 Volt Battery Power Pack for Camping in Australia

When you are planning a camping trip—whether with the family or solo—there are a few must-have items that will be on any shopping list. Tents, sleeping bags, flashlights, coolers, matches, bug repellent, sunscreen and food supplies are the obvious essentials. However, if you want to add a bit of extra luxury to your campsite, you might also consider another item: a 12-volt battery pack or Battery Box!

The Appeal of a 12 Volt Battery Pack

With the right 12-volt power pack, you can get extra enjoyment out of your camping trip without sacrificing the 'back to nature' appeal of the experience. A good battery will give you a place to plug in various devices that will make your life easier when you are out in the outback.

For instance, after the sun goes down, it can be difficult to navigate around a campsite without tripping over something (or someone). A power pack can give you a place to plug in a lighting system that will illuminate the entire campsite, making after-dark movements much safer and more convenient.

Similarly, you might prefer to cook your food on a hot plate rather than grilling it over a campfire, or keep your food and beverages in a refrigerator rather than a cooler. A 12-volt power pack will give you the power (and the necessary outlets through the use of an Inverter or Generator) to power your portable refrigerator, your hot plate, your coffee pot, your slow cooker or any other food and drink-related gadgets you bring along.

What to Look for in a 12 Volt Power Pack in Australia

If you are shopping for a mobile, camping-friendly power source, then the chances are that you are trying to decide between a power pack and a generator. Usually, 12-volt battery packs make for better camping aids in Australia. This trend is particularly the case if you are pitching your camp at a campsite where other people are also staying. Generators can be quite loud and disruptive to other campers; battery packs are quiet and unobtrusive.

At Home of 12 Volt, we stock an array of different 12-volt battery packs in Australia. Our range of portable battery packs, or Battery Box for camping comes from the Blue Apple brand. These batteries, known as the 'Thumper' range, are all dependable, premium quality power packs. However, there are also differences between them that you should be sure to take note of if you are looking for the ideal 12-volt power pack in Australia.

The factors you should consider when picking out which Thumper battery you need are as follows:

  1. Plugs: What do you plan on plugging into your battery? Thumper battery packs have different outlets (and different quantities of outlets), so read up on the product details to make sure you will be able to charge all your devices with the battery.
  2. Power: What are your power needs? Thumper batteries come in fourbasic categories (The Standard model, The RedBack, The Elite and The New model OUTBACK for smart alternator charging), and their power capacities range from 15 AH to 110 AH. You can speak with Home of 12 Volt's sales associates if you aren't sure what these numbers mean.
  3. Price: Home of 12 Volt has a battery pack or Battery box to suit everyone's budget! Browse our selection of Thumper battery pack and boxes and feel to to chat to our staff about your needs

If you have any questions about 12-volt power packs, call Home of 12 Volt Mt Barker today on 08 8391 3121. We are happy to help you with your purchasing decision in any way we can.

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