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How the Home of 12 Volt Thumper Elite and Thumper Redback Keeps You Adventuring in Australia

For many of us, spending all our time stuck indoors isn't the way to live. Sure, air conditioning and escaping the heat is welcome, but it can be very refreshing to head into the outback to camp out in nature. Experiencing the vast expanse of stars in a truly dark night sky and the serenity of being alone in the wild is a tough feeling to beat.

When we head out to go camping, though, we want to be able to enjoy ourselves thoroughly. That means bringing along amenities such as cooking equipment and of course a fridge for keeping food cold and safe to eat. At the same time, though, that means power. At Home of 12 Volt, we'd like you to reconsider the traditional dual battery setup compared to our Thumper models, as well as the Thumper Elite. Australia has tonnes of opportunities for adventure — don't let a flat battery get in your way.

When you cannot make space in the engine compartment for a traditional dual battery system from which to run your appliances, the Thumper Elite created by Home of 12 Volt offers you an alternative for portable power. With an excellent capacity and Australian made quality on its side, it's a versatile solution for those who love to adventure with some amenities.

The technology behind the Thumper Elite

At Home of 12 Volt, we don't just create and sell the Thumper range of products to people across Australia. We also believe in educating our customers about these products, so you can make the right choice about whether it's the best solution to your power needs. To that end, it's helpful to understand what makes the Thumper brand tick.

At the heart of each Thumper battery pack is an "absorbent glass mat," or AGM type, battery. This lead-acid configuration yields long term reliability over many deep charge/discharge cycles in addition to excellent current availability. Both the Redback and Elite units come in a weatherproof housing, making them suitable for use in all kinds of punishing conditions. Internally, we've designed the unit to be "spike protected," so you can safely give your caravan a jump from your Thumper worry-free.

When considering power options for your caravan, an important number to remember is the amp hour. This is an important measure of how much you can power over time. From the 60AH Thumper portable unit to the powerful Thumper Outback, which is available in configurations up to 110AH, powering a fridge and other items for hours or even days is no problem.

Want lithium instead? .. No problem, we offer lithium battery boxes with in built DC chargers and solar MPPT regulator for easy use!

Have questions? We're happy to provide answers

Should you choose to purchase a Thumper product in Australia, don't forget that Home of 12 Volt Mount Barker offers free shipping across the country for all orders above $100. Plus, there is the advantage of supporting a wholly Australian company; owned and operated here - all our manufacturing takes places at our South Australia facility.

If you require further information about the Thumper line's capabilities, or if you would like to discuss other questions you have, we encourage you to get in touch! Call us on (08) 8391 3121 and let us know how we can help you make an informed decision.

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