One of the biggest questions we get asked everyday is:

- How much solar do I need?

- How many batteries do I need?

- What is my daily usage from my 12 volt system?

Calculating your battery usage on a daily basis is one of the most important first steps in designing any 12 Volt solar and battery system. Whether you are designing a system for a caravan, motor home, camper trailer, 4wd or off-grid set up, the principals in calculation all remain the same.

Home of 12 Volt has taken the time to put together a brief EXCEL document that will allow you to simply input your values of your appliances, along with the approx. run time of each, to allow you to calculate your daily usage from a 12 Volt system.

CLICK to download here

This spreadsheet has been designed as a guide only and Home of 12 Volt recommend to slightly 'over-engineer' any system you are aiming to be independent with power.

Whether you are charging from solar panels, 240 volt battery charger, or from a DC DC Charger from the vehicle, the system will add more usable power to your set up!

DC DC Charger

Please feel free to use this spreadsheet to start you on your way with your calculations and then contact out staff for further help in building your system!

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