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Home of 12 Volt: Australia's Leading 12 Volt Shop Serves Adelaide and Online Customers Alike

Operating out of Mount Barker but serving the Adelaide area and providing online service all throughout the country, Home of 12 Volt is the leading 12 volt shop in Australia. We specialise in a range of different solar panels, power packs, inverters and batteries, offering superior products for a variety of industries and pursuits. From the caravan and camping industries to the four-wheel drive and off-road world, Home of 12 Volt gives customers the products, technology and expertise they need to get out to the outback and stay there!

An Australian Owned and Operated 12 Volt Shop in Adelaide

When you visit our 12 volt shop near Adelaide, you can rest assured that you are going to have a unique experience. We don't just sell all of the same products that you can find in any department store or outdoor outfitter store. On the contrary, at Home of 12 Volt, we are one of the very few stores left in Australia that manufactures and sells its own brand of power products. From solar panels to battery packs to control boxes to cables to adaptors, the majority of the products in our store are our own.

Home of 12 Volt has been one of the leading vendors in Australia's caravan and camping industries for nearly 30 years, and we believe that longevity speaks to the quality of our products. If you need a reliable power source for your next camping trip, why go for a brand that operates overseas if you can support a local Australian entity? As Australia's leading 12 volt shop, Home of 12 Volt Mount Barker is not only owned and operated in Australia, but all of our manufacturing takes place here as well. Indeed, most of our products—be it a solar panel or a battery box—is handmade right here in South Australia.

Peerless Customer Service

Suffice to say, many of our customers come to Home of 12 Volt Mt Barker because they are interested in supporting an Australian company and keeping their money in the local economy. However, that isn't why they stay.

Indeed, more than our Australian roots, we believe that Home of 12 Volt has been able to stick around nearly 30 years because of our peerless customer service. If you visit our 12 volt shop in Adelaide, you will see that our people are passionate, friendly and completely knowledgeable about every product we sell. And if you visit our 12 volt shop online, you will be no less pleased by your experience. We distribute our products Australia -ide, so you can order anything you would find in our physical shop just by going online. Best of all, we offer free freight service for orders over $100.00, so you can stock up on camping gear online without paying more than you would in store.

Interested in learning more about Home of 12 Volt, or in browsing the product selection of Australia's leading 12 volt shop? Visit us online, at www.homeof12voltonline.com.au!

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