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A Superior System? The One of a Kind Portable Dual Battery Kit In Australia

Portable dual battery kits are amazing. Their versatile ability to power devices out away from regular power sources is an invaluable trait when taking them out on extended trips. If you've ever been camping, you've likely experienced what it's like with a kit and without one. How do you know if you're getting a portable dual battery kit Australian's trusts, though? The answer is to buy quality. The answer is to go with Thumper portable dual battery systems. Home of 12 Volt Mt Barker is one of the few that can supply this device, and one of the few stores left that still manufactures many of it's own portable power products.

We'd like to take some time to inform you about the Thumper and impress upon you how it differs from other dual battery kits in Australia that you may have used in the past.

An Overview of the Thumper Portable Dual Battery System in Australia

For starters, this is considered the most versatile dual battery system available on the market. You can use the unit in the vehicle through the provided vehicle charging system, or it can be removed and used as an independent power source. Thumpers require very little in the way of maintenance, thanks to their unique construction. They are capable of deep cycling and also allow for a heavy duty jump starting* *excluding the Lithium model. 

For a detailed look at some of the specs, click here. The AGM design of the Thumper permits the unit to be installed on its side or upside down and still function. The Thumper is equipped with protective systems, including circuit breaker protection, corrosion resistance, and a voltage display that lets you keep track of battery charge status. Regarding versatility, portability, and durability, the Thumper is second to none. You can also combine it with solar panels, inverters, 240 Volt Battery charger and you can mount it on a host of vehicles like caravans, campers, and trailers.

How does it stack up to other portable dual battery kits in Australia? You'll get the occasional naysayer, but by and large, the Thumper is a well-respected piece of gear. The flexibility it provides in comparison to conventional dual batteries is more often than not the deciding factor. People enjoy portability and versatility, and chances are you will enjoy it as well. Mount it where you need, or don't mount it. Use it for charging whatever you have.

Ensure You Get the Best Portable Dual Battery System in Australia

You'll need to get yourself a Thumper. Its design is with the idea of running your appliances in mind, and can perform with a level of ability that standard dual battery systems cannot provide. Home of 12 Volt dedicates itself to offering customers the best when it comes to portable dual battery kits, and this is no exception. After taking your individual circumstance into account, think about if this is the kind of gear that can assist your needs. We're confident you'll reach the logical conclusion. Give us a call today on 08 8391 3121 to learn about how the Thumper can aid your excursions like no other.

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