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Home of 12 Volt Delivers Portable Battery Systems for all Jumpstart Emergencies including Redback Kits

Progress defines the automotive industry - with every year yielding an innovation and a technological advancement. Speed no longer defines coupes and convertibles. Digital performance instead reigns, with every platform stuffed with real-time responses and computerized navigation. Every engine promises endless ECU possibilities. Those possibilities turn into disasters, however, when you need to jumpstart your vehicle, and use an improper portable battery system.

After realising you have a flat battery, the process seems simple: connect a portable battery kit to your beloved car and route the terminals. Within a matter of moments, your engine should be fully restored, and you’ll be on your way. However, there’s a problem. Your battery delivers a sudden spike of power, overwhelming the system and leaving every wire frayed. Your jumpstart attempt ends in a whirl of smoke and disappointment.

Home of 12 Volt online recognises the challenges our clients face - with modern drivetrains too often proving delicate. Traditional portable battery systems undermine the effectiveness of ECUs, with the National Roads and Motorists’ Association noting that a blast from unprotected jumps interrupts a car’s internal binary code. This leaves transponders damaged and data corrupted. To counter this issue, we offer the Thumper Battery Pack.

Choosing a Portable Battery System: The Thumper Redback

Portable battery kits must deliver steady, controlled performance - adapting to the electric demands of today’s cars. Imprecise power leaves every engine undone, and this is why we’ve engineered the Thumper portable battery system for modern platforms. It pairs Anderson connectors with full surge protection, regulating every power burst to ensure smooth operations. This protection (when fused with an internal circuit breaker) allows drivers to jumpstart their cars safely. The ECUs remain secure. Traditional portable battery systems undermine the efficiency of every new car, but the Thumper kit (available in 60 AH, 80 AH, and 110 AH) now offers relief. To learn more contact us today.

The Trade-Show Advantage: Seeking Portable Battery Kits

The Thumper portable battery kit has been carefully engineered for today’s pick-ups, caravans, and campers. It’s engineering places emphasis on value - with our team offering access through a series of national trade shows.

We believe that high-performance doesn’t demand a high cost. We bring our portable battery systems to Australia’s leading off-road events, introducing our clients to Thumper power and wholesale prices. We highlight the abilities of the Redback, explaining how it complements every ECU - and we also allow drivers to avoid those frustrating distributor fees. See this option in action and then order directly from us. Convenience and cost efficiency combine. To learn more about our trade show schedule click here.

Seek Electric-Worthy Portable Battery Kits

With every jumpstart attempt comes a worry of broken systems - with traditional portable battery kits pushing high voltages through every circuit. To combat this, we offer the Thumper line: adapting to ECUs with ease. To learn more contact us today on 08-8391-3121.

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