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Take the Comforts of Modern Life with You When You Go Camping: Invest in a Thumper Caravan Dual Battery Kit System Today

When some people go camping, they like to get completely off the grid and back to nature. Camping enthusiasts from this group enjoy the idea of 'roughing it.' From sleeping in a tent to grilling hot dogs over a campfire to going without refrigeration for days, these individuals tend to view camping as a chance to go back in time and escape all modern amenities.

But what about the people who like the basics of camping, but would prefer to retain access to most modern comforts? What about those who love the idea of getting out of the city, exploring nature, spending time around a campfire and adoring the beauty of the stars, but still want to use appliances and electronics?

Power Your Devices and Amenities, with a Caravan Dual Battery Kit from Home of 12 Volt

At Home of 12 Volt, we greatly respect the 'roughing it' subset of the camping enthusiast crew. However, we also believe that the people who want to keep their modern comforts close should be allowed to do so.

We make it possible to take your devices, appliances and other amenities with you into the outback. Specifically, our caravan dual battery systems give you a place to charge, plug in and power virtually any device you might want to take on your camping trip.

From smartphones to laptops, CD players to radios and fans to lighting systems, a caravan dual battery kit from Home of 12 Volt can turn your caravan into a full-fledged home in the outback. A caravan dual battery system can even provide enough charge to power a refrigerator or freezer for days, weeks or independently when coupled with Solar Panels —so that you can eat and drink in style during your camping adventure.

The exact ports vary depending on which caravan dual battery system you choose. However, most of the battery packs we sell at Home of 12 Volt include USB ports, cigarette sockets, merit/hella sockets, Engel fridge sockets and Anderson connectors. With all of these ports, you should be able to get power to most of your devices without difficulty.

Why Buy Your Caravan Dual Battery System from Home of 12 Volt?

At Home of 12 Volt, we have an extensive array of caravan dual battery systems in stock. All of these battery packs from the Blue Apple brand and the Thumper range, which are designed and manufactured in Australia. However, despite the fact that all of our caravan dual battery kits come from one trusted brand, the batteries themselves vary substantially in size, capacity, price and ideal application.

What's great about shopping for this type of product at Home of 12 Volt is that our sales representatives are happy to help you figure out which caravan dual battery kit is right for you. Just give us a call, tell us about your camping plans and power needs, and we will point you in the direction of the best battery for the job. You can reach our Mount Barker location today by phoning 08 8391 3121.

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