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The Benefits of a Dual Battery System—and Where to Find One of These Kits in Australia

Picture this scenario: you're heading out into the bush for a weekend and taking your vehicle with you. You're planning on setting up a campsite and using your vehicle as your hub or home base, even though you will be pitching a tent and spending plenty of time exploring nature.

Rather than going completely off the grid, you want to be able to power numerous devices during your camping trip. Perhaps you are doing some photography and want to be able to transfer your photos to your laptop and edit them. You might want a power source to make sure your laptop doesn't die in the midst of importing photos.

You also want to be able to keep in touch with your loved ones, which means you need somewhere to charge your phone. Since you will be alone in the wilderness, without anyone for miles, you'll want a lighting system that you can use to illuminate your campsite before you head to sleep at night. You might even be thinking about taking your portable fridge with you so that you can have access to cold beverages and refrigerated food when you want them.

How to Get Power to Your Devices When You Are Away from Civilisation

The question is, how can you get power to all of these devices when your only power source is your vehicle? Sure, you could turn on the vehicle and charge devices with your cigarette lighter ports. You could also illuminate the campsite by turning on your headlights. The problem with these strategies is how they can drain your vehicle's battery. The last thing you want is to wake up in the morning to find your car battery dead, your phone out of juice and no way to get home or call for help.

It's situations such as these where dual battery kits can really come in handy. A dual battery system is essentially what it sounds like: it hooks up to your vehicle to get a charge and acts as a second power source. When the vehicle is stationary, a dual battery system allows you to hook up your devices and charge or power them without draining the vehicle's battery. Essentially, a dual battery kit lets you power your lights, phones, computers or fridges out in the scrub without ending up stranded.

Where to Find Dual Battery Systems in Australia

At Home of 12 Volt online, we carry a range of different dual battery kits that should be perfect for your next wilderness excursion. In particular, our Thumper battery packs (from the Australian homegrown Blue Apple Thumper brand) is an all-in-one portable battery pack that you can use for any application. These batteries are easy to connect to your vehicle and come in a variety of different sizes and charge capacities, so you can always have as much power as you need.

Best of all, come Sunday or Monday morning, when your camping trip has come to an end, you can pile everything back into your vehicle and start your engine without issue.

Are you interested in learning more about the Thumper dual battery system? Call Home of 12 Volt Mt Barker today by phone 08 8391 3121.

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