Is There an Ideal Spot for Portable Battery Kits and Systems in Australia?

There is when you want something revolutionary that will provide superior value. More on that later, though. Let's talk briefly about portable battery systems in Australia and how these can be of benefit. If you didn't realise, we're a premier vendor of portable battery kits in Australia and have some standing in the area. We know about the history, the evolution, and the current cutting-edge of this technology. We want to share some insight that will be beneficial when it comes time to make your decisions about which portable battery system for Australia's outdoors will suit you best.

Why Would You Need a Portable Battery Kit in Australia?

This question is one that’s most pertinent. Why indeed would you need a portable battery kit? Consider camping in the old days. No power, and electronics of any kind. Not even enough to power a small light. If you've camped like this, do you recall the anxiety that brought about? If you haven't, can you imagine what it would be like? Trust us when we say it's not exactly the ideal way to spend your time in the outdoors. If you did have any power, you were relying on the tenuous amount you could squeeze from your car battery. Using your car battery adds an even greater degree of uncertainty to your trip. What if that battery ran out? You'd be in for a whole new set of troubles. That's where a portable battery system comes into play. The most commonly applied application is as a portable solution for powering 12-volt fridges, lights, and jump-starting vehicles.

One such unit, the Thumper, stands out from the bunch thanks to the level of innovation in the design. You can mount it to a vehicle with ease. It is highly portable. It's an invaluable piece of equipment if you need to charge or power any electronic device. Perhaps chief among all the reasons you'd want a portable battery system like the Thumper though is the longevity. The life cycle of these batteries is 5-7 years. How is this possible? It has to do with the fact that the Thumper does not hold a battery “memory” which allows users to recharge/discharge it more frequently and without detracting from the battery’s staying power. When the Thumper finally runs its course, it can be re-packed and given new life. These factors combined make it cost-effective, and an investment that you can continue to keep with you even if you happen to sell your vehicle.

The Source for Portable Battery Systems in Australia

You should seriously consider Home of 12 Volt online. We have been a premier source for batteries and information on portable power solutions. If you need installs for campers, caravans, or motorhomes, we can lend a hand. We endeavour to stay at the head of the industry by continuing to adapt and evolve to changing consumer demand.

As a wholly Australian owned and operated company, you can trust that we have the best interests of our South Australian customers in mind. Give us a call today on 08 8391 3121 to learn more.

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