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Keep Food and Beverages Cold in the Outback, with a Fridge Battery from Home of 12 Volt—Available in Adelaide and throughout Australia

Loading up a camper and getting away for a few days—whether by yourself or with a group of friends and family—is one of life's great pleasures. Especially in the age of electronics, social media and the internet, it can feel like you never just get to relax and enjoy the beauty of the world. Giving yourself this opportunity on your next long weekend or vacation might be just the sort of rejuvenating experience you need.

If there's one hassle with escaping into the outback for week or two, it's wandering away from modern amenities. Sure, you probably want to avoid your smartphone and your email account, but what about your refrigerator? Roughing it has its charms, but wouldn't you enjoy your camping excursion a bit more if you could just open up the fridge and grab an ice cold beer, or pull a steak out of the freezer to grill for dinner?

Shop for Mobile Fridge Battery Packs in Australia

At Home of 12 Volt, we have a solution for you. One of the products that we stock is the Thumper 80 AH Battery Pack. This powerful fridge battery can give you enough power to keep your food and drinks cold for days at a time. On a single charge, the Thumper fridge battery pack can run a 40 to 50Lt compressor fridge for two to three days.

Charging is easy, too. When you buy the Thumper battery pack we include a 50 Amp vehicle charging system as well. Simply install your charging system in the vehicle and you will be hooked up with everything you need to connect your battery to your vehicle for a charge.

Once connected to the vehicle in car charging system, the Thumper 80 AH Battery Pack can charge to full capacity in just two or three hours. You can even connect it to your caravan when you are out in the outback and get some extra charge if you need to keep your fridge running longer than you expected.

Get Your Fridges and Freezers from Home of 12 Volt Too!

At Home of 12 Volt, we offer free delivery nationwide, on any orders over $100. In other words, if you order the Thumper fridge battery, we can ship it anywhere in Australia for free (some regional zones may include a minor surcharge fee)

Please also note that we stock caravan-ready fridges and freezers as well. If you already have the icebox and just need the fridge battery, we can get it to you. If you need a new fridge or freezer and the battery pack to power them, we can help you there, too. Our go-to brand for fridges and iceboxes is Australia's own EvaKool, a company known for well-built, durable refrigeration products. Available in a variety of different capacities and styles, EvaKool refrigerators are the perfect way to keep your steaks, burgers, beers and other supplies cold for the duration of your camping trip.

Whether you are looking for a new freezer in Perth, Adelaide or Brisbane, Home of 12 Volt online can help you. Start shopping on our website today for an eclectic selection, terrific products and free delivery.

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