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Kit Out Your Caravan's Power System in Adelaide with Powerful Dual Battery Kits & Systems

Preparing for an excursion into the outdoors requires a fair amount of careful planning. You will need to determine where you're going, how long you're going to stay, and if the weather is likely to cooperate with your plans. Beyond that, you'll need to gather clothing, toiletries, and of course plenty of supplies for sustenance such as food and water. What about your power needs? When you're travelling with your caravan, it's a wise choice to ensure you are equipped with a dual battery system. Adelaide residents looking for a solution can now purchase excellent kits direct from a trusted manufacturer. Home of 12 Volt, provides Australia with rugged battery kits suitable for many electrical uses.

There is quite a lot of jargon to decipher in addition to the many stats and specs in play when you are searching for dual battery systems in Adelaide. At Home of 12 Volt, our aim is to dispel any confusion and help you to learn about the ideal products for your needs. In addition to providing everything one needs for setup and installation in each kit, we provide a consummate customer service experience. What can you accomplish when using one of our Thumper battery systems?

What you can do with a new dual battery system

Running a refrigerator for food and beverage storage is a common reason people seek out dual battery kits in Adelaide. However, the important thing to know isn't "Can this battery power my fridge?" but "How long will my fridge remain powered?" Common 40 to 60 L compressors require a constant, steady flow of electricity to run properly. Home of 12 Volt's Thumper battery kits, starting from 60 AH models and continuing upward, can power a fridge for 2-3 days before requiring recharging. That should keep your supplies in good shape while you're away from home.

Next, how do you recharge? With the provided car charging kit, you simply have to drive for a few hours and the Thumper will be fully charged and ready for use again. Additional sockets are available based on model type. Whether you need USB, cigarette lighter-style sockets, or a Hella socket, it's important to be able to hook in with ease. Each Thumper unit comes with an array of sockets for multiple uses while camping. Or let's look at a solar blanket or portable solar panels! Australian built for those rugged and harsh environments, our solar panels are waterproof and are designed to last!

We provide informative and in-depth customer service

There are many situations where having easy and rapid access to battery power is both convenient and necessary. Whether you're camping or illuminating a work site at night, using the Thumper dual battery kit in Adelaide can get the job done. With the ease of charging the battery while you drive plus the advantage of being able to buy directly from us, the manufacturer, it represents a leading choice in the industry. For those who wish to learn more about Home of 12 Volt online products, please phone us on (08) 8391 3121 or visit our contact page for email details. We look forward to helping you.

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