DC Battery Box for smart alternators or variable alternators

Dual Battery Kits and Systems in Australia

Advances in modern technology have meant that today’s cars and automobiles are more efficient when it comes to the release of toxic gasses and fuel emissions. The change to smart alternator's or variable alternators has raise a whole new complication for the standard charging a secondary dual battery system in your new model vehicle!

The automobile is one piece of technology that you could not do without and used for commuting to work, taking the kids to school, shopping for the weekly groceries as well as going on family trips. So why not utilize the vehicle as your main method of recharging your secondary battery!

Imagine being able to run a fridge in the back of the vehicle year around on your secondary battery, and not having to worry about your starter battery going flat!

Having said that, new models with variable alternator often have charging issues. These charging issues mainly revolve around the voltage output of the vehicle dropping in output, causing the secondary AUX Battery to not reach fully charge.

Home of 12 Volt have got you covered! The use of a in vehicle battery charger (DC charger), will boost the low output of your new model vehicle with its smart alternator, and it will allow you to fully charge that secondary battery!

Home of 12 Volt online specialises in a range of the best DC Battery Boxes and the Best DC power Packs on the market! We have got you covered when it comes to a portable dual battery system or a battery box with a DC charger built on.

Dual Battery Kit Australia

One of the leading items in our range is the Thumper – a dual battery system that ensures that have reliable power for your car battery wherever you are. If you use your car to take your family camping, you want to have a reliable system in place in case your car battery fails. We were the VERY FIRST portable dual battery system manufacturers in the country. Our packs offer that have a range of items designed and manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions. We make this one of our top priorities as we believe in supporting industry and jobs in Australia as well as ensuring that we have complete control of quality. You want to make sure that your battery system is up to the job is you are camping in the outback! The most common battery pack now offered by Home of 12 Volt Mt Barker is out Thumper DC OUTBACK model. This model incorporates a in vehicle battery charger (IDC25) and allows for that fully charge level to be harnessed from those NEW MODEL VEHICLES! DMAX, FORD RANGERS, PAJERO SPORTS! No worries! We can help

We are also home to one of the largest selection of Projecta and Victron products in Adelaide. Some of their most popular products are their maintenance chargers, Inverters, Battery chargers, battery monitors and more! Using these in combination with an adequate backup plan is one of the best ways to ensure that your dual battery kit in Australia never lets you down.

Traditional Values

Although we have grown over the course of our operation to a national supplier of dual battery kits, we started life as a smaller family owned business. We believe that it is important to our customers to keep those traditional values while still being a modern, efficient company. We don't want to give you the hard sell on our products and are happy to use our experience to provide you with the optimal solution to your requirements. You might only need a few basic components to replace faulty ones within your system – that is fine with us, and we have a range of accessories such as cables and connectors on which our staff can advise you.

If you need a dual battery system in Australia and have any questions about any of our products, we are happy to advise you and can be contacted by phone or in one of our physical stores 08 8391 3121

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