The Thumper History

January 1998 saw the introduction of the very first Thumper Battery pack to the Australian market. Fast forward 25 years later to 2022 and these battery packs are just as popular as ever! Even more so since the introduction of the Lithium battery pack range in 2021!

Originally specializing in the traditional AGM battery packs, Thumper now have over 280,000 units circulating the Australian market. (over 400,000 if we include the battery box range)

Originating from humble beginnings, the Thumper begun as the brainchild from one man wanting to keep his fish frozen when out on those overnight Australian camping trips. Wishing to take it one step further, the Thumper was designed to be used for multi-purpose application of both deep cycle usage and starting vehicles. Let's be honest, there was nothing worse than completely packing up the campsite at the end of an amazing trip away from civilization, smelling of all that fresh fish you have just caught, dreaming of how good that shower would be when you finally get home, only to find out your vehicle won't start!

It was from here, the Thumper was born.

The Thumper range is designed to take the place of, or even work alongside a dual battery system in the vehicle. The battery packs are supplied with a complete charging system for the vehicle or boat, which when installed correctly, will allow for a recharge time of 2 – 4 hours whilst driving.

Each Thumper battery pack consists of multiple 12 Volt AGM cells (Absorbed Glass Matt) linked together in parallel to produce a high output capacity. The cells are maintenance free and will not leak, vent or gas when charging; perfect for use inside the vehicle or enclosed areas.
Life has evolved immensely in the past 25 years, and with it, so has the Thumper. In the past, vehicle alternators were simple, charging systems were basic and we didn't have to worry about such issues as low output alternators.
The ever changing government requirements on vehicle emissions has seen the introduction of smart / variable alternators in newer model vehicles. It is pretty safe to say that from 2017 on-wards, the Australian market has been dealing with new model vehicles struggling to produce the output voltage that will successfully charge a secondary battery system. This, along with the reduction of space under the average vehicle bonnet, has increased the demand for a portable type battery pack.
Thumper, the original portable dual battery system, has grown along with the changes to the market. It has taken on board these changes and has adopted methods in which will provide the consumer the best quality portable dual battery system at an affordable price!
What's the best thing about the Thumper? IT'S HANDMADE, RIGHT HERE, in Australia.
A guide to our Thumper range:
This Standard model Thumper has been designed with a basic selection of outlet sockets and digital display meter. Designed to suit vehicles 2016 and earlier, this is a great option for anyone looking for a basic dual battery system that has the ability to JUMP START!
The Redback model is extremely similar to the Standard model Thumper. The Redback has a few additional outlet sockets when compared to the Standard model, however, it uses the same batteries, the same vehicle charging system and still has the ability to JUMP START!
The Elite model is designed a little different, and it all has to do with the vehicle charging. Unlike the Standard model and the Redback model, the Elite range has an INTERNAL isolator BUILT WITHIN THE UNIT! That's right! No need to install an under bonnet isolator in the vehicle! Supplied with the Elite is a twin core cable and in line fuse (circuit breaker) and that's it, the unit will isolate itself away from the vehicle start battery when the ignition has been switched off! Designed for vehicles up to 2016 in age.
The Thumper Outback range has been designed around the manufacturer of new model vehicles, dated 2017 and later. New model vehicles often are built with the use of a smart / or variable alternator.
This type of alternator will struggle to charge any secondary battery system installed into the vehicle without the use of a DC Battery charger.
The Thumper Outback units are fitted with a DC battery charger to allow for both in vehicle and solar charging to suit in ANY vehicle on the market!
Manufactured using the traditional AGM cells, the Outback range is designed for Jump starting.

Thumper have now launched their newest range of LITHIUM Battery battery packs. Built with every possible feature a portable battery pack would ever need! Designed with a comprehensive digital gauge to allow the user easy monitoring of input charge, output discharge, capacity remaining and remaining run time in the battery!

Designed with the latest and highest quality LiFePO4 cells, these battery packs are light weight, compact, high output and are truly are the best option for a dual battery system in the modern vehicle.

Available in 5 sizes, there is a model to suit every situation.

* Note: The Lithium range of battery packs are not designed for Jump starting.

General overview video: