Thumper Projecta IDC25L DC DC Charger Battery Box with LITHIUM 100AH

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This is the ultimate Lithium package for a rock bottom price!
This package includes a heavy duty battery box built with an integrated Projecta 25 Amp DC charger, designed for vehicle charging and MPPT solar charging. The package includes a 100 AH Lithium battery and vehicle wiring harness!
  • Run 50Lt compressor fridge for 3 - 4 days independently!
  • Charge from any make / model / year vehicle via the DC charger
  • Sophisticated vehicle charging - wiring loom included
  • MPPT Solar regulator rated to 25 Amps
  • Run up to 50-60 Amps loads from the battery box!
Battery Box Features:
  • Built with the Projecta IDC25L DC battery charger
  • Designed to suit all vehicles, including smart / variable alternators
  • Compatible with older model vehicles
  • Acts to increase low voltage from vehicle output to charge battery 100%
  • Acts to isolate vehicle's main battery from secondary battery (Battery box)
  • Equipped with an independent Anderson connector for vehicle charging
  • Equipped with an independent Anderson connector for solar panel charging (regulated connection - up to 400-450watts of solar)
  • Internally wired and protected with circuit breaker protection; one easy connection direct to the battery
  • Equipped with multiple outlet sockets for running 12 Volt appliances

This listing is for a Lithium model battery box including:

1 x Projecta IDC25L lithium model 25Amp DC Battery charger (solar and vehicle compatible charge)

2 x Marine grade Cigarette type socket - rated to 16 Amps
Includes rubber cap design to protect all sockets

1 x Engel Fridge type socket (2 prong design) - rated to 16 Amps

1 x Dual USB socket - rated to 2.5Amp (min rating)
- used to illuminate the Volt meter gauge and activate the USB

2 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors - Labelled INPUT/OUTPUT
(one fitted to front of box and one on rear) 

1 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors - designed purely for solar panel input - labelled "Unregulated solar input"

1 x 50 Amp Anderson connectors - designed purely for vehicle (alternator) input - labelled "Alternator input"

- All internal cabling to allow you to simply connect straight to the battery terminals

Internal Dimensions of Battery Box
Length - 330mm
Width - 183mm
Height - 220 mm (base only - lid allows for further height)

External Dimensions of Battery Box
Length - 410mm
Width - 260mm
Height - 280mm
* Dimensions includes all protruding outlet sockets *

Vehicle wiring harness / Loom (Included)

1 x 6mt length of 8mm twin core cable (8B&S) oxygen free cable
(for vehicle charge line) WITH 50 Amp Anderson fitted

1 x 50Amp Automatic reset circuit breaker
(for connection off main vehicle battery for the charge line)

1 x 50 Amp Anderson connector (Genuine)

1 x 2 Pin ignition wire loom with 6mt cable

Download ignition wiring loom instructions here


R.R.P $ 849.00


Thumper Lithium TL-100-60 LiFePO4 Battery

Thumper Lithium LiFePO4 batteries are fully sealed and are designed to be mounted on any angle for easy application.

Equipped with an internal battery management system (BMS), the Thumper Lithium offers safe charging and discharging with over temperature protection, under and over voltage cut off protection and also internal short circuit protection.

This particular model is designed with a 60 Amp BMS to support continuous discharge loads up to 60 Amps. For heavier loads, we would recommend to look at our TL-100 / TL-120 or TL-170 model batteries as these hold higher discharge abilities of up to 100 to 150 Amps.

The LiFePO4 range of batteries are less than half the weight of a traditional AGM battery, whilst still offering all of the benefits of a heavy duty deep cycle.

These batteries are designed to hold the terminal voltage higher throughout each cycle, resulting in an increase depth of discharge and a longer overall run time with heavier draw appliances.


• Less than half the weight of a traditional lead acid battery
• Higher voltage maintained for longer run times with appliances
• Proven quality and reliability
• Compatible with chargers with an AGM or lithium setting
• For best results: Use of a lithium charger is recommended
• 3 year warranty
• Increased cycles compared to traditional lead acid
• Designed to be wired parallel
• Parallel connection is non-limited
• This battery is NOT designed for series linking
• This battery is NOT designed for starting purposes
• This battery is NOT designed for under bonnet application

Technical Specifications | TL-100-60

Model No.  TL-100-60
Nominal Voltage 12.8 V
Rated Capacity 100 AH
Cell Type / Chemistry Prismatic / LiFePO4


Dimensions and Weight:

Length 328 mm
Width 172 mm
Height (Total) 220 mm
Weight 11.2 Kg


Operating Temperature Range:


BMS High temp cut out / Reconnect 80˚C   /   50˚C 
Discharge -20˚C ~ 60˚C
Charge -20˚C ~ 45˚C
Storage -5˚C ~ 35˚C


Charging Methods:

Recommended Charge Current  10 ~ 50 Amps
Max Charge Current 50 Amps



Max discharge current (continuous)   60 Amps
Peak discharge current (1-3 seconds) 150 Amps
BMS Current cut off >100.5A 10s
BMS Current cut off >120.0A 3s
BMS Current cut off >150.0A 1s
BMS Voltage cut off / Reconnect 10.0V    /     12.0V
Self Discharge per month: ≤3%
Warranty 3 years from date of purchase



Common Questions & Answers:

What type of Lithium battery is the Thumper?

The Thumper is a high quality Lithium LiFePO4 Prismatic battery.

Is the Thumper Lithium a Deep cycle? 

Yes! The Thumper Lithium is designed to be continually charged and discharged fr the purposes of running all accessories, such as fridges, lighting, inverters and more.

What size Inverter can I run from this TL-100-60 model?

The Thumper Lithium TL-100-60 holds a continual discharge rate of 60Amps (720watts) and a MAX peak discharge of 150 Amps for 1-3 seconds (surge capacity).

This means that if you are using only one battery, then the maximum Inverter size that would successfully run on this particular model would be a 700 watt Inverter. This is perfect for the use in the battery box as the maximum draw from the outlet sockets of the box are 50 Amps (Anderson connector)

How many of the TL100-60 batteries do I need to run my Inverter?

  150 watt Inverter ~ 700 watt Inverter = 1 Battery

 701 watt Inverter ~ 1400 watt Inverter = 2 Batteries

1401 watt Inverter ~ 2100 watt Inverter = 3 Batteries

** Note: Thumper offer a 100 AH & 120 AH with a 100 Amp discharge rate and also a 170 AH with a 150 Amp discharge rate for use with higher draw appliances.

What would happen if I run over the 60 Amps discharge rating?

This particular model battery is designed to handle no more than 60 Amps as a continuous draw. It is the ideal option to use within the battery box as the battery box is protected with 50 Amp circuit breakers to ensure you do not load the battery past the rated capacity. 

It is not recommended to use the TL-100-60 on loads greater than 60 Amp draw. For this please consider the TL-100 or TL-120 or TL-170 which all hold higher discharge abilities.

Can I mount the Lithium battery on its side?

Yes! The Lithium battery is completely sealed and is designed to allow you to mount on any side.

Do I need Lithium charger (240 Volt / DC charger)?

As with any Lithium battery, it is recommended (when possible) to use a lithium battery charger. Lithium Battery charger chargers charge the battery at a slightly higher voltage and run through compatible charging stages to suit the Lithium's chemistry. Charging your battery with a Lithium compatible charger will help to prolong the life of your Lithium battery by ensuring it is receiving a full rate of charge.

In stating the above, the Thumper Lithium range of batteries are designed to be able to charge from an AGM battery setting.

Can I use my portable solar panel on the Thumper Lithium Battery?

The Thumper Lithium is designed to charge from any system that is compatible to charge from either a Lithium or AGM setting.

Providing your solar regulator is designed to suit Lithium or AGM chemistry, then it would be perfectly suitable to charge from your portable solar panel.

The Thumper Lithium Battery will not charge from an unregulated panel as the internal BMS will disconnect any input charge that exceeds 15 Volts.

What is the life expectancy of the Thumper Lithium battery?

The Thumper Lithium is rated over cycles. A cycle is the process of charging and discharging the battery. The Thumper Lithium is rated to a minimum of 2000 cycles at 80% DOD.

Can I wire the Thumper Lithium in Parallel?

Yes! Both the Thumper TL-100-60 is designed to be wired in parallel and is non-limited. This means you can build your 12 volt system as large as you desire with use of this batteries!

Can I wire the Thumper Lithium in Series?

Wiring in series converts a 12 Volt battery into either a 24Volt / 36Volt or 48Volt system (depending on how it is wired)

The Thumper TL-100-60 is not designed to wire in series (only parallel)

The Thumper 120 AH runs a more sophisticated internal BMS, which makes it perfectly suited to run in series UP TO 48 Volts. This battery will allow you to build a 24 Volt / 36 Volt or 48 Volt system.

Can the Thumper Lithium Battery be used for starting purposes?


What voltage is fully charged in a Lithium Battery?

Approx 13.2 ~ 13.4 Volts is 100% charged in a Lithium battery.

The use of a Lithium compatible gauge, such as the Victron SmartShunt, is recommended in order to accurately monitor the state of charge in a Lithium battery set up.

What voltage is FLAT in the Thumper Lithium Battery

Approx 12 Volts = 10% remaining.

Using voltage to monitor the state of charge in a lithium battery is unfortunately not accurate.

As the voltage in a lithium battery remains higher throughout the cycle life of the battery, it means that Thumper Lithium will read in the 12's when it is nearing the end of it's capacity. When the remaining capacity of the battery has been exhausted, the battery's BMS will disconnect and the battery will shut down.

Can I use a normal Volt meter to monitor my Lithium Battery set up?

The short answer to this is Yes, and No.

A voltage meter will provide you an 'indication' on the state of charge on a lithium battery. However, the slightest change in the digital reading of voltage can mean over 50% of your battery's capacity.

The most accurate method to monitor a lithium battery is by use of a gauge that will allow you to enter in the total capacity of the battery, then monitor the discharge taken from the battery, which will then provide you an estimate of remaining capacity. For example: The use of a Victron SmartShunt / BMV700 or BMV712

What does the 12.8V on the front of the battery represent?
Much the same as how a lead acid battery is configured, The Thumper lithium battery is constructed using a multiple of smaller cells linked internally.

The Thumper Lithium is built using a string of 4 x 3.2Volt cells, linked in series, to make up the 12.8Volt.

What is the warranty of the Thumper Lithium battery?
3 years from date of original purchase

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Frank T.
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Good quality and easy to install

Very well made unit. Easy to install. Only down side would be the hold down strap location. It goes directly over the in/out Anderson plugs?

Ben G.
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I recommend this product


Worked like a dream. Super light, heaps of input/output options. Exceeded expectations. Great value for money.