Sky Dream Series 40 Amp solar regulator 12 / 24 V | SD2440S

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Sky Dream Series (SD in short) is our newly designed PWM solar controllers. Its specialty lies in the inner 32 bits CPU,which enables the controllers to work faster and more stable. Besides,our unique black&Red big terminals design facilitate your connection in real application.

It can be applied in the solar system which has higher standard over the stability and reliability.

Auto temperature compensation
The controller adopts asymmetrical design, and the LCD screen is located at the golden section, with a harmonious proportion and beautiful appearance.
Free USB Charging
Support the maximum 1A charging current, charge your mobile device faster ,10A / 20A with 2 USB ports, 30A / 40A with 1 USB port.We also supply 10A / 20A with 4USB models
Main control chip
ARM architecture, high-quality 32-bit main control chip , improve charging efficiency comprehensively.
Distinctive heat dissipation character
This time, we also made a brand-new upgrade design for the SD series heat dissipation system, and the back MOS tubes are evenly distributed While ensuring a stylish and simple appearance, the heat dissipation is further improved.
Support lithium battery and multiple battery type
Open mold custom designed for DC large diameter ports suitable for solar systems requiring large diameter wires to reduce line loss and voltage drop

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