Alternator Booster Diode - ALTS-Chip

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The Alternator booster diode has been designed to replace the ALTS fuse located in the fusebox under the bonnet of many late model vehicle 2005 - 2015 (many Toyota's)

The booster diode is a cost effective way to increase the voltage output of your vehicle by approx. 0.5Volts without having to install a DC CHARGER.

This diode is designed to increase the output voltage on average between 0.3 ~ 0.5 Volts; For example: If your vehicle output was previously 13.3Volts, then by installing the Voltage Booster diode, your voltage output will increase to approx 13.9-14.00Volts.

The Voltage booster diode is not designed for ALL vehicles.

It is recommended to check your vehicle manual and locate the appropriate fuse that this item will replace. The diode is designed to ONLY replace the ALTS fuse, which in most cases is a 5 Amp or 7.5 Amp fuse located in the fusebox under the bonnet.

This diode is the size of a MINI Blade fuse only.

Note: After replacing the original fuse, the Booster Diode will sit higher in the fusebox compared to the original fuse.

Instructions included with purchase

 Tools required:

  1. Multi-meter
  2. Sharp Blade

Instructions for Fitting:

  • Open the bonnet
  • Using a Multimeter, test the output voltage of your starting battery with the vehicle running
  • Switch the engine off
  • Locate the fuse box in the bonnet and locate the ALTS fuse. This is typically a 5Amp or 7.5 Amp fuse. Remove the existing fuse
  • Replace the existing fuse with the Alternator Booster Diode (ABD), (you may have to trim down the tab side of the ABD in order to successfully fit within the fuse holder). 
  • Start the engine once again and test the voltage of the starter battery. The battery voltage should have increased by approx. 0.5Volts. If the voltage has not increased, simply turn the ABD so that the diode works in the opposite direction.

Do not attempt to fit the ABD while the engine is running or if the ignition is switched on.

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