Blue Apple Thumper Front module 50 Amp Dual Battery Isolator | BAFM

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-  1 x Blue Apple Thumper Front module 50 Amp Isolator
commonly used in the Thumper BAKIT50

The front module is a 50Amp dual battery isolator (designed to be mounted close to the location of the main vehicle battery).

The isolator is designed as 'ignition activated', meaning it will work immediately when the ignition of the vehicle has been switched on / Once the ignition has been switched off, the secondary battery will be completely isolated from the main cranking battery (reserving the main battery for the sole purpose of starting the vehicle).

The 50 Amp isolator will provide a charge current of a continuous 50Amps from the alternator, it allows for a charging system suitable for batteries up to a 150 AH in capacity.


Download the instructions for the wiring kit for the BAFM in the BAKIT50 HERE

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