Camp pack 1 - 640w Solar 240AH Thumper Lithium LiFePO4 battery Victron Smart Shunt & 30Amp Charger + REDARC 40Amp BCDC1240D

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This ultimate package includes all high quality, big name brand items, perfect for the caravan, motorhome or stand alone system.

With over 600 watts of solar, the system has the ability to produce 30-35 Amps per hour input back into the battery system, that's a whopping 180-280 Amps produced per day!

The two Thumper Lithium 120 AH batteries provide a huge 240 AH of usable power along with a massive 200 Amp discharge capability (allowing you to run up to a 2400 watt Inverter from the battery system!)

Included in the package is a 30 Amp Victron 240 Volt Battery Charger. Designed to charge multiple chemistries of battery from GEL, AGM to Lithium, this charger has the capability to recharge the 240 AH battery capacity within 8 hours from completely discharged back to 100%

The Redarc BCDC1240D is a 40 Amp In vehicle battery charger and solar regulator. This unit will allow you to charge your Lithium battery set up from the vehicle within 6 hours of drive time (if completely discharged). Designed to boost the voltage output of any vehicle voltage to ensure your batteries are charged the perfect rate. 

The BCDC1240D is rated to 40 Amps on the solar regulator. This component of the charger will control the voltage and amperage input of up to 680 watts of solar.

Monitor the entire system from the Victron SmartShunt 500A! This handy little device simply connects in line of negative terminal on the battery and will allow you to monitor all loads (both input and output) from the battery so you can get a completely understanding of your power usage and run time remaining.

This is the perfect system for a stand alone system!

Home of 12 Volt also offer all the cabling, fuses and additional components you may need for the installation!

Please feel free to contact out team if you have any additional questions on any of the components supplied in this package:

  • 4 x 160 watt Solar Panels
  • 2 x Thumper Lithium 120 AH Battery          | TL-120
  • 1 x Victron 12V 30A 240V Battery Charger | BPC123047012
  • 1 x Victron Smart Shunt 500A                     | SHU050150050
  • 1 x 35sq link cable to suit Smart Shunt
  • 1 x Redarc DC Battery Charger                    | BCDC1240D


Item specifications:

160 watt Mono-crystalline solar panel: built with high quality Mono-cystalline cells.

Panel Type


Maximum Power (Pmax)

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp)

Current at Pmax (Imp)

Open Circuit Voltage (Voc)

Short Circuit Current (Isc)

Normal Operating Cell Temp (NOCT)

Max System Voltage




SP - 160S

160 watts


7.90 Amps

22.80 Volts

8.80 Amps


1000 Volts

1470 x 660 x 35mm

​11 Kg

10 yr structural
25 yr performance warranty


Thumper 120 AH Lithium Deep cycle + Victron Smart Shunt

Click HERE to download the TL-120 Spec sheet

Thumper Lithium LiFePO4 batteries are fully sealed and are designed to be mounted on any angle for easy application.

Equipped with an internal battery management system (BMS), the Thumper Lithium offers safe charging and discharging with over temperature protection, under and over voltage cut off protection and also internal short circuit protection.

The LiFePO4 range of batteries are less than half the weight of a traditional AGM battery, whilst still offering all of the benefits of a heavy duty deep cycle.

These batteries are designed to hold the terminal voltage higher throughout each cycle, resulting in an increase depth of discharge and a longer overall run time with heavier draw appliances.


• Less than half the weight of a traditional lead acid battery
• Higher voltage maintained for longer run times with appliances
• Proven quality and reliability
• Compatible with chargers with an AGM or lithium setting
• For best results: Use of a lithium charger is recommended
• 3 year warranty
• Increased cycles compared to traditional lead acid
Designed to be wired as parallel OR series
• Parallel connection is non-limited
• Max series voltage is 48 Volt (max 4 series)
• This battery is NOT designed for starting purposes
• This battery is NOT designed for under bonnet application

Technical Specifications:

Model No.  TL-120
Nominal Voltage 12.8 V
Rated Capacity 120 AH
Cell Type / Chemistry Prismatic / LiFePO4


Dimensions and Weight:

Length 328 mm
Width 172 mm
Height (Total) 220 mm
Weight 13.8 Kg


Operating Temperature Range:


BMS High temp cut out / Reconnect 80˚C   /   50˚C 
Discharge -20˚C ~ 60˚C
Charge -20˚C ~ 45˚C
Storage -5˚C ~ 35˚C


Charging Methods:

Recommended Charge Current  10 ~ 50 Amps
Max Charge Current 80 Amps



Max discharge current (continuous) 100 Amps
Peak discharge current (1-3 seconds) 300 Amps
BMS Current cut off >100.5A 10s
BMS Current cut off >120.0A 3s
BMS Current cut off >150.0A 1s
BMS Voltage cut off / Reconnect 10.0V    /     12.0V
Self Discharge per month: ≤3%
Warranty 3 years from date of purchase


The SmartShunt is an all in one battery monitor, only without a display. Your phone acts as the display. The SmartShunt connects via Bluetooth to the VictronConnect App on your phone (or tablet) and you can conveniently read out all monitored battery parameters, like state of charge, time to go, historical information and much more.

Alternatively the SmartShunt can be connected and be read by a GX device. Connection to the SmartShunt is made via a VE.Direct cable.

The SmartShunt is a good alternative for a BMV battery monitor, especially for systems where battery monitoring is needed but less wiring and clutter is wanted.
The SmartShunt is equipped with Bluetooth, a VE.Direct port and a connection that can be used for: monitoring a second battery, midpoint monitoring or a temperature sensor.


  • Monitor battery voltage remotely from smart device (smart device not incl)
  • Monitor input or output current from battery
  • Gain an idea of approx. remaining run time from your battery under current load
  • Set discharge alarms on your battery for clear monitoring
  • Allow peace of mind when running a lithium battery with knowing exactly what capacity is remaining in your system
Model in this package: 500A

Common Questions & Answers:

What type of Lithium battery is the Thumper?

The Thumper is a Lithium LiFePO4 Prismatic battery.

Is the Thumper Lithium a Deep cycle? 

Yes! The Thumper Lithium is designed to be continually charged and discharged fr the purposes of running all accessories, such as fridges, lighting, inverters and more.

What size Inverter can I run from the 100 AH / 120 AH Lithium?

Both the Thumper Lithium 100 AH & 120 AH have a continual discharge rate of 100Amps (1200watts). The batteries also have a MAX peak discharge of 300 Amps for 1-3 seconds (surge capacity).

This means that if you are using only one battery, then the maximum Inverter size that would successfully run on the Thumper 100 AH / 120 AH would be a 1200watt.

How many batteries do I need to run my Inverter?

  150 watt Inverter ~ 1200 watt Inverter = 1 Battery

1201 watt Inverter ~ 2400 watt Inverter = 2 Batteries

2401 watt Inverter ~ 3600 watt Inverter = 3 Batteries

What would happen if I run over the 100 Amps discharge rating?

The Thumper Lithium is protected internally with a BMS (Battery Management System), meaning that it will protect the battery against overcharge / low voltage and excessive discharge drain.

Example: If you connect a 2000 watt Inverter (166Amp total draw) to the Thumper Lithium battery, then the battery would allow you to run UP TO 1200watts (100Amps) from the Inverter. If the draw exceeded this 100 Amps, then the BMS inside the battery would disconnect and cease providing power to your system.

Once the load has been disconnected from the battery, the BMS will reconnect itself within a few seconds and the battery will be ready to use again.

Can I mount the Lithium battery on its side?

Yes! The Lithium battery is completely sealed and is designed to allow you to mount on any side.

Do I need Lithium charger (240 Volt / DC charger)?

As with any Lithium battery, it is recommended (when possible) to use a lithium battery charger. Lithium Battery charger chargers charge the battery at a slightly higher voltage and run through compatible charging stages to suit the Lithium's chemistry. Charging your battery with a Lithium compatible charger will help to prolong the life of your Lithium battery by ensuring it is receiving a full rate of charge.

In stating the above, the Thumper Lithium range of batteries are designed to be able to charge from an AGM battery setting.

Can I use my portable solar panel on the Thumper Lithium Battery?

The Thumper Lithium is designed to charge from any system that is compatible to charge from either a Lithium or AGM setting.

Providing your solar regulator is designed to suit Lithium or AGM chemistry, then it would be perfectly suitable to charge from your portable solar panel.

The Thumper Lithium Battery will not charge from an unregulated panel as the internal BMS will disconnect any input charge that exceeds 15 Volts.

What is the life expectancy of the Thumper Lithium battery?

The Thumper Lithium is rated over cycles. A cycle is the process of charging and discharging the battery. The Thumper Lithium is rated to a minimum of 2000 cycles.

Can I wire the Thumper Lithium in Parallel?

Yes! Both the Thumper 100 AH & 120 AH are designed to be wired in parallel and are non-limited. This means you can build your 12 volt system as large as you desire with use of these batteries!

Can I link a Thumper Lithium 100 AH to a 120 AH ?

No. As the BSM is different in both the 100 AH and the 120 AH, it means the two batteries are not designed to be linked to one another.

Can I wire the Thumper Lithium in Series?

Wiring in series converts a 12 Volt battery into either a 24Volt / 36Volt or 48Volt system (depending on how it is wired)

The Thumper 100 AH is not designed to wire in series (only parallel)

The Thumper 120 AH runs a more sophisticated internal BMS, which makes it perfectly suited to run in series UP TO 48 Volts. This battery will allow you to build a 24 Volt / 36 Volt or 48 Volt system.

Can the Thumper Lithium Battery be used for starting purposes?


What voltage is fully charged in a Lithium Battery?

Approx 13.2 ~ 13.4 Volts is 100% charged in a Lithium battery.

The use of a Lithium compatible gauge, such as the Victron SmartShunt, is recommended in order to accurately monitor the state of charge in a Lithium battery set up.

What voltage is FLAT in the Thumper Lithium Battery

Using voltage to monitor the state of charge in a lithium battery is unfortunately not accurate.

As the voltage in a lithium battery remains higher throughout the cycle life of the battery, it means that Thumper Lithium will read in the 12's when it is nearing the end of it's capacity. When the remaining capacity of the battery has been exhausted, the battery's BMS will disconnect and the battery will shut down.

Can I use a normal Volt meter to monitor my Lithium Battery set up?

The short answer to this is Yes, and No.

A voltage meter will provide you an 'indication' on the state of charge on a lithium battery. However, the slightest change in the digital reading of voltage can mean over 50% of your battery's capacity.

The most accurate method to monitor a lithium battery is by use of a gauge that will allow you to enter in the total capacity of the battery, then monitor the discharge taken from the battery, which will then provide you an estimate of remaining capacity. For example: The use of a Victron SmartShunt / BMV700 or BMV712

What does the 12.8V on the front of the battery represent?
Much the same as how a lead acid battery is configured, The Thumper lithium battery is constructed using a multiple of smaller cells linked internally.

The Thumper Lithium is built using a string of 4 x 3.2Volt cells, linked in series, to make up the 12.8Volt.

What is the warranty of the Thumper Lithium battery?
3 years from date of original purchase



Victron 12 Volt / 30 Amp 240 Volt Battery Charger | BPC123047012

*Images for display purposes, Charger comes with 240V AU/NZ lead*
**Please note, this charger does not come with DC cable. 10mm2 is recommended over a short distance, as close to the batteries as possible**

Blue Smart IP22 Charger

12V, 1output

15 / 20 /30A

12V, 3 outputs

15 / 20 / 30A

24V, 1 output

8 / 12 / 16A

24V, 3 outputs


Input voltage range

180 – 265 VAC

180 – 265 VAC

Charge current, normal mode

15 / 20 / 30 A

8/12/16 A

Charge current, NIGHT or LOW

7,5 / 10 / 15 A

4 / 6 / 8 A




No load power consumption

0.5 W

0.5 W


45 – 65 Hz

45 – 65 Hz

Number of outputs





Charge voltage 'absorption'

Normal: 14,4V High: 14,7V Li-ion: 14,2V

Normal: 28,8V High: 29,4V Li-ion: 28,4V

Charge voltage 'float'

Normal: 13,8V High: 13,8V Li-ion: 13,5V

Normal: 27,6V High: 27,6V Li-ion: 27,0V

Charge voltage 'storage'

Normal: 13,2V High: 13,2V Li-ion: 13,5V

Normal: 26,4V High: 26,4V Li-ion: 27,0V

Charge algorithm

6-stage adaptive

Can be used as power supply



Battery reversepolarity(fuse)Outputshortcircuit     Overtemperature

Operating temp. range

-20 to +50°C

Humidity (non-condensing)

Max 98%


Material & Colour

Aluminium (blue RAL 5012)

Battery connection

Screw terminals 13 mm² / AWG6

230 V AC connection

Cable of 1,5 meter with CEE 7/7 plug, BS 1363 plug (UK) or AS/NZS 3112 plug (AU/NZ)

Protection category



1,3 kg


(h x w x d)

235 x 108 x 65 mm



EN 60335-1, EN 60335-2-29


EN 55014-1, EN 61000-6-3, EN 61000-3-2


EN 55014-2, EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-3-3





Redarc 40Amp In vehicle and Solar DC charger | BCDC1240D

The REDARC BCDC1240D is a 12V 40A In-vehicle DC to DC battery charger. It features the next generation in REDARC In-vehicle charging technology, charging from Solar and DC inputs simultaneously.


The REDARC BCDC1240D In-vehicle Battery Charger is the next generation in REDARC's DC to DC charging technology, with additional features that make it the most advanced dual battery charger on the market.

Featuring a Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar regulator, the BCDC1240D will charge from both solar and the alternator simultaneously. With built-in 'Green Power Priority' it will select solar charging first, meaning less load on the alternator.

Suitable for 12 or 24-volt vehicle systems, the unit will also work with either standard or variable/smart alternators.

The BCDC1240D also comes with patented charging profiles, including a lithium charging profile. The 'Dual' input range will continue to charge all other types of batteries including AGM, GEL, standard lead acid and calcium. 

As a guide, the BCDC1240D is used for battery bank sizes over 200AH. For smaller batteries of 75-200AH REDARC recommends the BCDC1225D


Proven and Tested

The award-winning technology in the BCDC has been independently verified and tested to ensure battery life is maximised, charging your battery to a proven 100%.

Built in Australia and tested for our unique conditions, the DC to DC battery charger will work in the extreme heat of the Simpson Desert, up to 80°C and can handle deep water crossings at Cape York – water, dust and vibration are no match for this charger.

If you’re heading out into the bush and want to get there and back again safely – you can trust REDARC.  



  • Separate DC and solar charging inputs
  • Maximises the performance and life of your auxiliary battery
  • Simultaneous DC and solar charging with Green Power Priority
  • Suits 12V/24V standard and variable voltage/smart alternators
  • Suitable for AGM, GEL, standard lead acid, calcium and Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries
Mounting Brackets
In addition to the use of quality fuse kits, REDARC offer a range of vehicle-specific mounting brackets for our BCDC DC-DC Charger range. The 304 stainless steel bracket allows installation into the front of the vehicle for cooler airflow, ensuring optimal performance. They have been designed to fit existing mounting points in the vehicle. Click here to view the range

Not sure what dual battery system is best for your vehicle? Let Shaun Whale explain more.



 Click here to view the product flyer

Input (Operating) Voltage 9 - 32VDC
Output System Voltage 12VDC
Maximum Charging Voltage 15.3V
Output Current Rating (Cont.) 40A
Type Approval E-Mark
Input Fuse Rating 60A
Output Fuse Rating 60A
Warranty 2 Years
Standby Current Draw <100mA
Output Power 600W
Width (mm) 120
Height (mm) 37
Length (mm) 165
Weight (kg) 1






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