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The Heavy duty Quick Connect wiring loom has been designed especially for the use with new model, low voltage vehicles when fitting a DC Charger.

This kit will suit all model Quick Connect chargers, from Projecta to Redarc. It will suit both 25 Amp and 40 Amp DC charger installations.

Supplied with a 7mt length of 8B&S cable, protected with split conduit tubing, and incorporating a pre-run ignition cable; the kit makes DIY installation easy.

Simply run the conduited cable under the vehicle's body and follow the steps in the instructions to protect the system and provide your 3 way Anderson connector to suit the Quick Connect. Splicing into an ignition activated source has never been an easier task as the kit is now provided with a number of different fuse taps (to suit majority of vehicles).

Contents of wiring loom:

1 x 7mt length 8B&S Twin core cable
1 x 60 Amp Midi Fuse (suits 40A Charger)
1 x 7mt length 3mm Blue ignition lead 1 x Copper Lugs 10x6mm (Suits Midi Fuse)
1 x 7mt length 16mm split conduit 1 x Copper Lugs 10x8mm (Batt connect)
1 x 3 way Anderson type connector
1 x Copper Lugs 10x10mm (Batt connect)
1 x Midi Fuse Holder
1 x Heatshrink pk with MISC connectors
1 x 40 Amp Midi Fuse (suit 25A charger)
1 x 3pk Fuse taps (ignition tap)


Value of QC-Loom $ 205.00

Download Instructions for fitting HERE

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